EU or French online record shopping!

With Brexit looming, I am thinking of moving away from rough trade and Norman for my vinyl orders, what with the postage bump and the possibility of custom charges the cost will be a pain.

Anyone recommend a good online record place in the EU? I do not wanna use Amazon/fnac so wanna support Indies

I use band camp allot but the postage can be mental (the latest thou album cost me 20 quid postage and has been with DHL for 5 weeks now :slight_smile: )

Places are gonna need your support more than ever. I’d say keep using Norman Records

I was hoping for a place in France to support (that’s where I stay) would love to keep buying normal buts it’s already close to 10 quid per record…

So it’s totally about supporting great music and shops just not paying all the postage :slight_smile: are German but are very good. European shipping is €10 but for any quantity so makes sense if you buy a few things at a time.

I’m in Italy and buy from Soundohm regularly but their stuff is very much on the avant-garde, neo-classical and electronica side so depends what you are into. Not sure what shipping to France would be but is free if you become a member.

I’m going to try and keep supporting Norman and Boomkat if possible. I don’t mind paying a little extra it’s a bit more of a worry that the whole thing might just go wrong, not like records are a priority compared to medicine and food supply.

No decent independents in France that are reliable for delivery?

I do not know any, since moved here, I have used band camp or Norman or rough trade…

Will check out Soundohm (very much my taste) and hhv (are they any indie?)

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As far as I know hhv are independent. It’s a small shop in Berlin that has managed to set up a very professional web shop. Prices can be variable (both ways, can be really good value) but they also have second hand stuff and a lot of U.S. imports as they started with a hip hop focus.

Check this list out, I know for example Les Balades Sonores have a web shop and decent stock online.

I lived in France for a while, whereabouts are you?

Good luck.

Lots of indie shops sell through Discogs. Search for what you want and then filter for things priced in Euros. If you find a good seller they probably sell directly as well.

Never heard of them. If only they posted more regular updates on here!



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Balades Sonores mentioned above is a great shop - not ordered online but bought a Nisennenmondai LP there once.

These are with a look too (again, not ordered online, only visited):

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