I feel like everybody, everywhere, should have a heightened awareness of the likes of Parris.

but there are more of these people who aren’t in plain sight, so I think a dedicated thread to keep tabs on who harbours + is pushing for these sorts of things is necessary?


I kind of had him down as a kind of harmless semi reasonable person, boy was I wrong.

I should pay more attention, but also I guess I assumed the times wouldn’t be a place to publish execute the elderly think pieces

I’ve been quite concerned by how the issue of assisted dying has been presented recently. People like Esther Rantzen and Prue Leith present it as if it’s something the public overwhelmingly supports and that it’s only a matter of time until it happens. No real engagement at all with why some people are terrified at the prospect.

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more than just the elderly

Good grief :frowning:


have those two said anything along the lines of the OP?

I’ve only become aware of this stuff post-COVID as far as our own establishment goes, and with what’s been going on in Canada

had an awareness of these sorts of views being held by e.g. Tories beforehand, but wrote them off as fringe sociopaths whose nastier opinions would never make it mainstream, but here we are

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Everyone responsible for orchestrating and manufacturing consent for our hideous “let it rip” / “time to move on” response to COVID.

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Thinking about this one as a more overt example

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yep. dovetailing horribly with the backlash against people getting diagnoses + help with nd things, too


The actual prime minister of the day…


Always weirds me out how many socialists of the early 20th century were in favour of eugenics.

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I believe forced - or at least attempting to force - assisted dying is already happening in Australia and Canada. There is one disabled woman in Australia fighting for her right to live after she asked for help and was offered a death date instead.

Couldn’t find the link but here’s an article from Australian CareAlliance - the stories from Belgium and Netherlands is awful: 7. Better Off Dead - Australian Care Alliance

Amongst my family we kinda think getting rid of the old has always been there, intentional or not.

I suppose while we live in a capitalist society our lives only have worth as long as they can produce labour or children. Then kindly off you fuck.


I understand the definition of eugenics as being slightly different than the (equally fucking terrible) “let it rip” COVID people.

My understanding is that they put a lot of stock in the genetics of intelligence and quite often pair this with race genetics to end in an extremely bad place.

Now there is a genetic component to intelligence - it would be disingenuous not to say so as there is significant evidence for this - but it is a long way from the complete picture. Even if it was “breeding” (aka sterilizing) humans for intelligence is a repellent idea that strikes at the very core of what makes us functional people.

Occasionally you accidentally cross paths with these people in my field (Medical Genetics) when one of them manages to sneak something ideological into a conference. Fortunately the Med Gem community is wholly against them and regards them as the lunatic fascists they are.

They should be opposed, loudly, by everyone.


Matthew Parris?

Who would have thought that a White Man who grew up in a British household in apartheid South Africa would have master race tendencies?

When will fascism be over? How are people still drawn to the fascist ideologies after everything we know?


There is an argument that ‘eugenics’ is an umbrella term for any sort of act or policy that tries to improve the health of society, e.g. free milk at school etc. Would you say that’s right?

Isn’t that socialism?

Eugenics in my professional understanding (and you may get a different, equally valid, definition from a sociologist) refers to the idea that the human gene pool can and should be improved. Depending on who you speak to that might involve: incentives for “better” people to have more kids, disincentives for “worse” people, removing the meagre financial safety net on the grounds it will reduce reproductive rates of undesirable elements, forced sterilisation, forced termination of pregnancies. Not all fascists believe in the same solutions, but they seem quite comfortable in the company of people who do.

This is more balanced than it needs to be, but comes to the correct conclusion fairly swiftly.

This is something I worry about when I hear about the far right’s takeover of universities in Hungary and the US. At present our ethics committees are staffed by professors of bioethics, such as the author of this article. They provide a significant safeguard against this sort of thing gaining traction - removing them and replacing them with eugenics idealogues is one of the goals of the right in their campaign to remove senior figures at universities in the name of “battling woke”.

those ideas re: COVID are inseperable from the ideas that eugenicists harbour

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Absolutely - different cups of poison from the same well.

think we need to take note of anyone making that argument, defs

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