Eujenics, the band


Great stuff


goddam SJWs




Lovely set of comments on that tbf


They’re apparently very responsive to comments if people want to get involved. Maybe we can get them to come here, like the whole My Vitriol thing.


I liked Sweet Dreams, but that’s really not on


“elaborate smear campaign to tarnish our band” - 451 likes.

They may have the slightest scramblings of a point but it’s ruined by an awful hissy fit defense. Don’t seem like a great group of people, and they should have seen this coming!

Hate that arseholes like these always throw out the “Joy Division” did it too arguement.


Kind of think it was out of order for joy division too


I agree, and if they were starting out today they’d certainly be pressured to change their name, if they even wanted to call themselves that. But that’s ifs and buts and coconuts. I might be wrong but the band have pretty much said since that it was a little childish and they shouldn’t have done it.

My point was that some bands like these think it’s okay for bands to still have names like this, ignoring the fact that Joy Division were forty odd years ago and society has progressed in a lot of ways since then. If their first example of another band which supports their case is from 1976, it shows that they’re out of touch.


I always feel like if they wanted to insult people, and make out they’re somehow pathetic for caring about other people’s wellbeing, they should probably not have picked a phrase that features the word “warrior”.


would be a good band name