Euro 2017: actual football thread

As requested by @BodyInTheThames and others, this is the thread to talk about actual football actually happening right now.

Just to recap, the story so far: both Holland and Denmark had decent opening games, beating Norway and Belgium respectively by identical scores: 1 - 0. During the sold-out Holland game the crowd paid tribute to former international Sylvia Nooij (who died last week, aged 32) and Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri.

Today reigning champions Germany take on arch rivals Sweden, whereas in the other group B game Italy and Russia start their battle for third place. Live on Eurosport and Channel 4’s All 4 online service, from 5 PM onwards.

Fun fact of the day: Germany v Sweden will take place in a stadium named after a rat (Verlegh).

well now

is some kind of merger possible? @Parsefone ?

General schedule info for the next few days:

Today -
Italy vs Russia (5pm)
Germany vs Sweden (7:45pm)

Tuesday -
Austria vs Switzerland (5pm)
France vs Iceland (7:45pm)

Wednesday -
Spain vs Portugal (5pm)
England vs Scotland (7:45pm) (this one is on channel 4 as well as eurosport/all4 like the rest of the games)



Belgium did better than i thought yesterday
off to Scotlond Portugal on sunday one for the purists i reckon

see also


Tenacious af

defending there is diabolical tbf. good goal tho.


Gonna repost from the other thread & the let it die because the Steffi Jones chat is significant


I hope you are wrong.

Fair chance United might go five at the back, imoh.


So does I Hoogy, so does I

Defending terrible in this and the other but if she was a man she’d have stayed down, writhing around like a motherfucker.

This is why women’s football is great.

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Let’s not get all ruggers in here please eh


Good goal

i like the bit where two players from the same team tackled each other

Russia really pulling Italy’s pants down here


Now, I don’t really want to say female referees and goalkeepers are awful.



because male goalkeepers & referees never, ever make mistakes