Euro 2017: actual football thread

Only inconsistently.

shut up

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Good to see all the snide pub bores from the men’s football threads turning out for this one too

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I can have a word with him privately for slagging tennis off if you want, mate…

Glad to get my summer fix of

SOCAR energy of Azerbaijan

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Enjoying it but i’m not that familiar with any players
Who’s good to hate?

Can someone share a link? Can’t find the stream for love nor money

Could a case be made for running the women’s tournaments at the same time/location as the men’s? Sort of feel as though it’s get a lot more of an audience/get people more interested in the game.


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not sure who you mean but yes please

it is worth noting that Holland achieved automatic qualification to the tournament as they are the hosts.

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bit worried at how badly Sweden are going to get trounced here

is Huth any relation

don’t think so

not a great first 45’ but if it’s 0-0 at 90’ I’ll take that

Sweden get too nervy against Germany to play their usual 1 or 2 touch game - so many sloppy first touches and misplaced passes and rarely enough bodies in the box when they do get forward

Germany didn’t look exactly like a team used to playing together yet either and a bit shot shy

not many chances despite a lot of back & forth

frustrating but like I said at half time I’ll take that

typical dutch :wink:

Day 3

Germany and Sweden didn’t deliver last night and their game ended in a disappointing draw, whereas in the other group B game Russia almost lost their two goal lead to Italy in the dying minutes, just about managing a 2 - 1 win.

Today we’ll see group C in action for the first time. The early kick-off sees the battle of the Alps as Austria and Switzerland are in action, whereas the later game is a meeting between title contenders France and underdogs Iceland.

Live on Eurosport and Channel 4’s All 4 online platform (5 PM and 7:45 PM).

Fun fact of the day: Kicky, the tournament mascot, has her own instagram account

very mixed feeling about last night’s game

You can see how Steffi Jones has set Germany up to play but they haven’t gelled yet and Sembrant & Lindahl stopping the few good chances Germany had means that there was probably never a better opportunity for Sweden to take 3 points off them but they just didn’t attack with enough options when they had the ball in space. It was easy for the German back 3 to force Schelin & Asllani into ineffectual wide positions with their backs to goal

Also - at 32 & 33 years old Caroline Seger & Lotta Schelin just couldn’t match the German kids for pace. Though the Germans did tire hugely in the last 10 minutes & I thought Sweden should have had at least a couple of free kicks & maybe a pen that the ref played advantage for

Still, a point against Germany is not a bad start to a football tournament in anyone’s book really

Looking forward to watching France tonight