EURO 2020 Betting Thread

7/2 on England - Ukraine to be a draw after 90 minutes.

Chucked a tenner at it

Gone for Kane 1st scorer England 3-0 because I hate money

Have I ever talked about how much I love when England are really boring and completely shut up shop

Should have bashed more than ten on it

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Lost another load of money betting on Ukraine to go through but I’m going to keep betting against England until they lose dammit

Each way bet on Italy has come in.

Not sure whether to put the winnings back on them outright or keep them

Denmark are 9/2ish this evening.

Half on Italy to win it all, half on that.

Lost again. Surely Italy won’t lose?

Anyone still alive in any sweepstakes? As luck would have it I got Italy, so I actually need them to win in order to feed my hypothetical children, it’s not an anyone-but-england thing.

Handy though.

Got italy in the dis sweepstake but out of all the financial ones.

Got Kane in a golden Boot sweepstake so still got a chance there

this is the only bet i placed
think it was before England-Germany. could cash out for 66 but not gonna

Surely a sign


I have a horrible feeling I’m going to be a bit richer tonight

10 brave lions.


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