Euro 2020 DiS Fantasy League

It looks like they have dropped the double points, you just have Hadrecky in goal so have lots of points.

Just to confirm, they put it more clearly in the substitution rules section, for… reasons.

Change your captain to another player from your squad whose team are yet to play. Your original captain’s double-points bonus will be lost, and your new captain’s score for that matchday will be doubled.


I think if you change captain you lose points from previous if in same ‘matchday’, but i’ve read the rules after starting so already way behind and probably not to be trusted.


Great! It won’t let me change my captain back to Lukaku! Rules weren’t very clear were they?!

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Not hugely no, I made the mistake of just assuming it would be the same as the PL system. Still, I will aim to launch my comeback from today!


You can also do subs. Taken Kjaer out for Trippier

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Unwisely selected a bunch of donkeys, and now Cancelo has covid.

I’m stinking this up so far :astonished:

Can’t be doing any worse than me!

I think I have 1 assist and 1 clean sheet and I’ve got one sub left.

It is former Chicago Fire goal machine Nikolic, who isn’t a starter :slight_smile: he’s won golden boots in three different leagues, I’m expecting him to deliver. I guess.

If I subbed out a player who scored 3, but no one on my bench plays, do I get the 3 points back?

I haven’t really read the rules and I’m not about to tackle them now.

The only points I have which are not just for turning up are the Turkish goalkeeper’s 2 save points, one of which was subtracted for conceding so many. I do have quite a few players left to play though, although Cancelo won’t be one of them.

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I was wondering the same thing, no idea tbh

Oh, yeah I haven’t done quite that badly! I got an Alaba assist and a clean sheet from a goalie.

So they’ve not given that assist to Soucek then


how do Wildcards work cause I know you get unlimited transfers again after the group stage, is it just one WC the whole tournament>


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Also you get that Limitless, which is the same as Free Hit

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Have Chiellini. From getting a goal from him to him going off after 23 minutes :clown_face: knew I should’ve just taken the break from fantasy