Euro 2020 DiS Fantasy League

How does Limitless/Free hit work?

Limitless, you can make as many transfers you want for one matchday and there is no price limit. At the end of that round of games in the matchday your team will go back to what it was before you played the limitless chip.

There is also the standard wildcard, can make as many transfers as you want but have to work within the budget and that is your team.going forward.

So the limitless thing is probably best for the group stages, but the standard one’s maybe worth holding onto?

I’m so bad at this

I’m holding off using any chip until some teams have been knocked out, don’t want gaps in my team

At this stage probably worth holding onto as next round of games might have some of the top players rested if teams have already qualified depending hoe results go.

I went limitless this round due to how fixture fell for Italy, France and Ukraine.

If for matchday 3 your team needs lots of transfers probably worth the limitless. If not maybe hold it back for round of 16 or quarter finals to get most value out of it and then use your wildcard the round of games after it so you can make sure all your players are still playing.

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So Malinovskiy has been blooming frustrating in both games! Looks a very fine player though.

Does anyone know why I can’t sub a defender in? I have 3 defenders on the pitch, one is yet to play and its auto subs. Are they just waiting to see if the defender is playing before I can do the subs?

Who are you trying to sub out and who are you trying to sub in?

Have you already subbed out the player on the bench from your starting 11 this game week? Think I read that once you sub someone out they’re effectively lost for that round even if they would have played from your bench as an auto-sub had they started there.

Nope not done any subs.

Trying to take out Trippier for Tierney

You can’t bring in Tierney as he already played, you can only sub for people who haven’t played yet

Edit - although if Tierney is your first sub then he should automatically come in for Trippier at the end of the “matchday” (tonight)

Although if you subbed Tierney out previously and his points have a cross through them then they are gone forever

Ohhh I didn’t know that. Well that’s my gameweek ruined

Christ, I’ve not got a single player getting more than 2 points so far this GW. What a shitshow.

Got 4 players on 0 so far…

Italy resting Immobile, nice start

Actually, they have rested almost everyone. That’s 3 players from my team not playing already - this “matchday” is going to be a disaster.

Bastoni with a cleaner! :smiley: knew he’d pay off eventually*

*literally in this game and no other

oh no,

@tuna is beating me

this cannot be