Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

Group stage fixtures at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm.


2pm and 5pm. I work til 6 so that’s 1 1/2 matches that I’ll be paid to watch, lovely jubbly

Think daily threads and a separate thread for England formation chat is a good shout coz is it a bit boring.

Speaking of which I’ve only just noticed there’s only Maguire, Stones and Mings who play as CB in a back 4 so it looks like it’ll be a back 5 formation primarily. Hopefully, only one of Phillips/Rice/Henderson start with 4 more attacking players like 2018.

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Oh yes, put him in for KWP

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yeah obv people can post where they want and i dont wanna be bossy about it. the volume of england formation chat can be a bit of a drag to wade through if youre not into that though, man utd formation chat was a drop in the ocean in comparison

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Just downloaded the app. Might get all the games on my Google calendar next.

Group Fs pretty exciting isn’t it. If it wasn’t for the current political situation in the country Hungary could be everyone’s 2nd team. Young squad with a lot of history for punching above their weight, would be really exciting for them to qualify ahead of France, Germany or Portugal. Haven’t made a major tournament since '86*.

*Didnt look into it too much.

Anyone else got a 2nd team to route for?

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Hope Hungary get battered in every game

Finland and the Czechs are my 2nd teams, neither have a hope of doing anything, which is lucky as my 1st team is Scotland, as I’m deeply Scottish


Against a rolling England thread because I want to give you it all tight when Scotland do you.

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Watched most of Croatia vs Armenia this evening. Croatia played probably their best 11, Mkhitaryan was missing but it was still 1-1 and Croatia didn’t really deserve much more. They really look lost when they get in the box without Mandzukic.

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Hope you smash us (England) it’ll be good fun. Got anyone you think who’ll crack on? Cooper gonna start?

I think he has a chance with Jack being out and McTominay moving into midfield. John McGinn has an incredibly good scoring record for Scotland and seems the type for the big moments. Che Adams has had a decent season too and has a directness that gives us something we’ve lacked for a while. Have a good feeling about it. Think it could be a really close game if we have a touch of luck.

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Cooper’s not the quickest but has good positional awareness and strong in the air. Experianced at LCB and plays the ball better than you’d think. He’s a real leader in the dressing room and has been instrumental to Leeds since Bielsa came in. If he’s fit he’ll be able to play every game and I reckon he’ll suit tournament football.

Got outbid on an official Scotland jersey so I bought this absolutely diabolical thing instead for £20.


Diabolical? That’s a cracker!


Mark Battenburg


I’ve never seen this before! Might have to get one.

Got it here! Definitely not an official replica but happy with it for that price.


Looks decent enough. My search for a reasonably priced 96 home shirt that fits goes on…