Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

Just dawned on me that England will be starting with someone called PHIL. Can’t be many Phil’s born in the 2000’s.

There’s a company in the US that does a cycling jersey version of this and I want it really bad but the cost of the jersey plus shipping and import duty is faaaaaar too expensive :sob:

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best euros kit is austria away imo



that’s my dad’s father’s day present sorted!

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Given my dual citizenship I will be dual routing (rooting?) for England & Sweden

It’s all academic though, France are gonna batter the living hell out of this tournament. Germany, Belgium or maybe even England (ha) to meet them in the final depending on the draw

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If England are good I’ll support them.

If England aren’t good I’ll support Wales.

If both are shite I’ll piggyback Scotland.

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England formation chat permitted and uninhibited, but the non-england lads reserve the right to tear the English to shreds via banter and shabs when they fuck it. deal?

  • deal
  • no deal!

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Ngl lads, sun being out and the onset on tournament football multiple matches a day has got me feeling like maybe the world is like 1% less shit.

Cue match day 1
0-0 toilets all round


Agree with the England are somewhat light at GK, CB and ST chat…but not having the weak at CM stuff. Hendo, Rice, Phillips and Bellingham are a great dynamic set to pick from. Few recent knocks between them mind.

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Fine but if there’s a humdinger of a game on and people start speculating about how the outcome might affect England’s chances then I’m muting them all


It’s going to be so fucking great being able to work from home* and watch pretty much all of the games

*extremely privileged to be able to do this, obvs


Have already clarified with the hospital cafe staff that they’ll be showing the matches. Sorry patients, but I’m going to be staring intently at Austria-North Macedonia instead of filling out your discharge forms*

*I’m not

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There are 24 hours in a day, and only four-and-three-quarter hours-ish (inc. stoppage time) in three matches.
Also, it’s almost nailed on to be a far better way of spending half time than listening to the studio analysis.

Remember when Russia did Saudi Arabia about 6-0 on day 1 of the last World Cup? Obviously they were full of drugs but it did feel good.


Looking forward to smashing Holland tonight.


Who are we playing tonight?

Who cares.

2-0 to Gary Waistcoat FC.

Fucking hit.

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It’s coming home

Booing cunts