Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

Like Scotland!!!

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It’s like with the next Copa America, which will comprise two groups of 5 with the top 4 of each group qualifying for the quarter finals. The constant tinkering with international tournaments has merely resulted in a lot of meaningless games that lack any tension.

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4x4 was such a perfect format. Every tournament from 96 to 08 was amazing. Can’t remember 12 much tho.

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That was when Spain were dominating everyone I believe which is probably why it wasn’t very memorable

Hahaha Andy Carrol and Joleon Lescott scored in that tournament :rofl:


Euro 2016 was pretty turgid stuff all told as mentioned above. Increasing to 24 teams was the worst thing UEFA could have done imho. I know it brings less successful nations into the mix, but the quality of football and entertainment suffered quite a lot for it imho.

I hope this version will be better.

Anyone got any experience of swapping tournament tickets? Totally mad there’s no official way to do it.

I’ve got two tickets for Croatia and Czech Republic at Hampden but clearly I’d rather see the mighty Scotland there instead.

Assuming it goes ahead as planned.

Was chatting about this yesterday - it would make sense to have something like this if people can’t travel across borders, so people who have tickets can go to something in their own country if possible

But I don’t understand why there should have been one before – you pick which games you want to go to


Might start calling the euros ‘The World Cup of Europe’


“The European World Series”

Don’t understand how everyone apart from Ireland has just decided ‘yeah let’s let a load of fans in’.

England and scotland (and Wales oops) are doing ok with vaccines, but the rest of Europe isn’t close to jabbing any young people.

Dublin being too over cautious, or the rest just shrugging and prioritising that sweet gazprom cash?

Will they be planning a test on the day to be admitted approach like this gig on Barcelona? I know the turnaround for tests in Germany can be very fast.

If we have 24 teams I’d like there to be 2 sets of 4x4 groups with 8 seeded teams automatically into the second set and the other 16 teams battling it out for 8 places in the first set.

Got 2 tickets for a game at Hampden. Anyone know if I don’t return my tickets before the ballot then if I’m not successful I end up in no refund situation. I think that’s what the email says today.

My understanding was that if you don’t keep your ticket after the ballot, you get a refund, but the emails they’ve sent out today are really unclear on this.

Gonna be refunding all of ours though, no ticket swap portal then :frowning:

A Scotland game?

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Second round game so not sure who will be playing in it. Not Scotland’s group so won’t be them. Possibly Spain if they win their group.

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Ireland not hosting then

‘Too soon’ according to Leo Varadkar

I cashed out my tickets and bought a new hifi anyway

Couldn’t remember how much I’d paid,but it was €370 for 2 seats at the 2nd round match . :flushed:


result on the new stereo though :+1: