Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

actually, just looking at what he said it’s not 100% that Dublin is off the map for the Euros

“I think if they continue to insist on [having 25% of the stadium full], it’ll be hard for it to go ahead quite frankly, which is unfortunate.”

So either they drop the 25% capacity threshold or Dublin, Bilbao & Munich are out. Final decision on Friday

Isn’t that already revised down from 50%? Don’t see UEFA budging any further.

Ireland’s still in full lockdown right now, this has seemed like a lost cause for ages

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Seems like a dead loss (no pun intended)

England really taking a massive risk expecting a sold out Wembley on June 22nd

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Squad size being bumped up from 23 to 26, that seems like a good idea

We can take Calvert Lewin, Ings, and Watkins!!

Would be funny if he still doesn’t take Trent

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Imagine if Bon Iver came out and did the national anthem


It’ll be Emeli Sandé. It is always Emeli Sandé.


Nah that’s just the day the lasagne’s ready

He did tell us to be patient, tbf


Jack Grealish gets first degree burns on his calves but everyone else has worn their long socks

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This sounds like it could have come out any time in the last 20 years.

Bit of luck and careful planning mean I have the entire group stage between jobs. Can’t wait


When the intro for that started, I genuinely assumed that it was the music to an ad auto playing…


what time you got off work?

I’ve got the full w/c 14th off

Trucker pills at the ready - BBC are showing Copa America matches during the night as well:

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Made my pal a wall chart


Belgium haven’t half got some flops.past its in their squad. Batshuayi, Chadli, Denayer, Vermaelen still getting in,

Denayer will be one of the starting CBs and Batshuayi has a great international record (22 goals in 33 games!) agree on the other two tho. not sure why Martinez likes Chadli so much but he offers versatility i suppose

country of 11m people is never gonna produce a squad with the same depth as the big guns innit, even during a golden generation. they beat Belarus 8-0 the other month with a B team which was kinda encouraging though