Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

One of the lads on the WhatsApp is saying he’s not watching England because of Fodens haircut

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Reckon we get Portugal in the round of 16 and they do us

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Okay. Assuming that Waistcoat plays a 4-2-3-1 (the most likely system, imho) with two of Ricey, KPhipps and Hendo shielding, then Kane on paper at least as a striker, who do you think should play in the three spots behind?

No system chat, no boring talk of tailoring the team to the opponent, no ‘actually, Clive, this player plays there not here’, just pick three.

Actually think Southgate will opt for experience and/or stick with the players he knows best - Rashford, Mount, Sterling.

Keep changing my mind, but I think I’m settled on Grealish, Mount, Foden now.

  • Rashford
  • Mount
  • Sterling
  • Bellingham
  • Foden
  • Saka
  • Grealish
  • Sancho

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Think he’ll go rashford mount grealish

Need someone who’ll run in behind now kane thinks he’s sherringham

This. Needs to be 2 of mount, Foden and grealish plus one of sterling, sancho and rashford.

Mount, Foden, sancho for me


Rashford shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad given his injuries and recent form. Will obviously get played every match anyway while the nation turns on him and says he should bloody well concentrate on playing football

Don’t care but Sterling, Grealish and Foden.

What we’ll probably get: Mount, Sancho, Sterling/Rashford

I would have said we were in the “loyalty to the group / stubbornness over rides form and fitness leading to a nose dive in results and performances” phase of the England manager cycle, but Southgate has somehow managed to drop Dier, so Sterling isnt as 100% nailed on to start as he would have been.

Southgate will still comfort blanket it though and pick Rashford, so Foden and Sanchoin the other 2 slots gives us a balance of sorts.

There’s absolutely no chance Mount doesn’t start. Up there with Stones and Kane as the definite nailed on starters I reckon


Sterling playing off of Kane was incredibly effective in qualifying so I don’t think he gets dropped yet tbh

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He’s gone off a cliff form wise since then however.

Would love to see us go balls out with 4 at the back and only one holding midfielder in a 4-3-3 (reckon Phillips would do the best job at this tbh), then Mount & Foden attacking mids, Grealish/Rashford on the left wing, Kane, Sancho right. Obviously not going to happen but I’d love it.


He might be the most Stockport person I have ever seen.

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Don’t really mind who we play in the round of 16 providing we actually get there. If we win the group then presumably we’re playing well and in good form so if we meet France, Germany or Portugal then so be it.

Rather that than come second or scrape third, presumably in poor form and end up playing Belgium Spain or Netherlands and get knocked out anyway playing shite.

I think the latter scenario is more likely than the former fwiw

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