Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat


Donny Van De Beek is out of the Euros. Injured. The Dutch FA has not revealed what’s wrong with him.

Yeah every path out of the group is a bit :grimacing: so best case scenario imo would be to win the group and get Portugal, rather than France or Germany
(I also do not believe that this will happen)

Broken heart, I’m hearing.


Mount’s crucial to the quick turn-over England will need against the better teams, but I don’t think he’s going to be much use against Croatia who are going to old man them. He’ll stick with Sterling off Kane at least for the first game, which will similarly be a mistake. Foden probably in the final slot.

3 more sleeps!

  • hugely excited mate. hugely excited.
  • hugely excited but I would like to maintain the illusion of apathy on the boards
  • could take it leave it. might watch a few games.
  • I hate it

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Excited but also nervous. Still not used to supporting a team that anyone expects anything of and I’m not good at it

Reckon Turkey - Italy will be a great opener though

feel like Italy are going under the radar a bit

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what’s the Belgium/NL rivalry like? remember it being a bit shit being in the UK for most of Spain’s 2020 WC run. watched the final in a pub full of of English people with orange face paint on. Was literally the only person supporting Spain there. got to go full shit eater at full time tho.


Any of the pods doing a big preview. Want 3 hours of chat about promising North Macedonian treqaurtistas etc.


Felt weirdly apathetic until yesterday and now I’m buzzing

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The Athletic just released their preview

Is it free on acast or do I need to be a subscription bellend?

It’s very friendly, we’re all about the benelux solidarity here
except for with Luxembourg, fuck those guys


Their podcast entitled ‘The Athletic Football Show’ seems to be about the NFL. Hard pass.

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Sorry, I meant the Tifo podcast, it’s ‘powered’ by The Athletic. Haven’t listened but imagine it’ll be hardcore tactics chat, they love that


Banging, exactly what I need.

The Guardian’s individual team previews have been good too, nice write-ups, some trivia and then some key phrases in each country’s language that seem like they could have been printed in a Match magazine preview of WC98.


Zonal Marking too, under the Athletic banner.

@Aggpass you can get them anywhere. A subscription just gives you ad free but through their app which is shit compared to good podcast apps