Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat

on second look the podcast seems to be mainly predictions, but there’s these videos too which are good


Sweet! Thanks boss!

yeah, for the umpteenth time, no chance squires isn’t on here.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 14.26.31


^what he said

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In case youre just hanging out in this thread and missed it

Czechs cos I lived there and the Finns cos I went out with one for years and have been there a lot and have somehow lived with four different Finns over the last five years.

Balor, the two from Crowded House and -lay Quaye?


No I’ve never lived with any of them, sorry

No need to apologise

Obviously it won’t happen, but imagine if somehow Fodiesta, Money Mason, Jacky Boy, and Sancho, etc, all clicked and we pumped everyone.

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I’ll be very disappointed if Foden doesn’t break out a dentist chair celebration vs Scotland.

There’s still Maguire and/or Mings + Pickford behind them unfortunately

For fuck’s sake

Millwall fans love England


God save the queen. And Chelsea.

That’s what Bermondsey always looks like


Did he leave a message?
No he never does

Hungarian players not taking the knee, crowd booing the Ireland players while they do.