Euro 2020 Friendlies Chat


Sturridge Sterling

The starting line-up for England v Iceland feels like it’s from the depths of the past. Doubt many expected that only 3 of those players would be back for 2020, think only Rooney’s retired since.

That team is such a dog’s dinner :joy:

People mention how drastic Hart went downhill but Sturridge as well had a shocking fall from grace

He was just too good for this world/his ankles/thighs/all of his muscles in general.

Rooney in midfield for our national team. :grimacing:

Peak press pressure selection. I mean he was no Alan Smith :poop:

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Apart from Euro 2004 I’m not sure we ever consistently played Rooney in the best system for him

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If you’re trying to shoe horn in your two star midfielders, it’s hard to set your system to your star striker.