Euro 2020 - match day 19: 🇨🇿 🇩🇰 🇺🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (🦁)

Zafar is great, he was defending Matt Hancock the other week by pretending that they were mates who holidayed together

Fucking hell CW please

Is that brock lesnar?


Man I’m tempted as I’m off on Tuesday but equally whistles that’s a lot of cheese

for the lasagna, naturally


Sunflowers peeking over the shoulders has done me


Czech your head!

The greatest honour in tournament football is to be eliminated by the eventual champions, so the Czech pilsner princes must win every game now after their plucky victory over the unlucky Oranje boys.

Today’s fun facts are all about famous Czechs:
-Oskar Schindler, him of that Spielberg film about his list, had numerous love affairs and at least two illegitimate children. He dumped his wife in 1957 after 29 years of marriage.
-The playwright Tom Stoppard was born Tomáš Straussler. He almost completely rewrote the script for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, turning it into the money-spinning success it became, but was never officially credited.
-Mishovy Silenosti became famous overnight at the age of 9 for his ‘Pokemon Go Song’ which garnered more than 92 million views on Youtube
-Former world number one tennis player Ivan Lendl once said “I’m not playing Wimbledon because I’m allergic to grass”. Later that week he was pictured playing golf.
-Euro 1996 hero Pavel Nedvěd has won 7 league titles, 7 national cups and 2 European cups. He ranks 41 in the list of greatest Czechs.

ať ti Dáni vůni slaniny!


To commemorate our first game away from Wembley I’m going to make a big lasagne for the game tonight.

St. George Cross drawn in cherry tomatoes in the top of the lasagne?

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Sancho apparently starting then.

Would love to see Mount alongside Rice or Phillips, then Sterling-Grealish-Sancho behind Kane. But not gonna happen is it.

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Walked by a market in town and a grocer or something was setting up and calling over to someone on another stall

Grocer - “Karen!..…Karen!..….Karen!”

Karen - “What!!!??”

Grocer - “It’s coming home”



This boat just went past my gaff playing It’s Coming Home and Vindaloo, wonder how many songs they have on rotation


Is this the Swiss Eurovision song? Inspired.

a lot of drink taken last night.


футбол повертається додому

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Just had to sign for United to get a game


Absolutely hanging out my arse. Can’t even remember DiS being down. Fuck knows what I was doing.


Last time I was this hungover after football i watched the miserable England - Sweden match in a bar in Brussels the day after Belgium - Brazil.
absolutely horrible experience but i reckon it can be topped tonight


Taking any drink tonight?

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