Euro 2020: match day 21 🇬🇬 🇩🇰

Apologies to the good people of guernsey for the flag appropriation.

Whatever happens, wigs are going to fly and we can all get firmly behind England.

  • England
  • Denmark

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  • 90 minutes
  • Extra time
  • Penalties

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  • Hum
  • Bum

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Nerve audit

  • Serene
  • Bit tense
  • A wreck
  • Not an England or Denmark fan (but that’s class)

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England’s last three results: 1-0, 2-0, 4-0.

Gonna be 8-0 tonight, that’s just maths, sorry.


:eggplant: :sweat_drops:


If England score an early-ish goal they will demolish Denmark 4:0.

If Denmark hold out for the first 20 mins then it’ll be a cagey, stodgy, boring, 1:0 victory to England.

We’ll either win or we won’t

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more worried about this than the germany game. think we should win, but denmark are decent and are on a roll so i can see it being a slog

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C’MON *checks notes* DENMARK


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 i have an England flag? Is this something to do with Discord?



Not really looking forward to this tbh

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We’re going for a couple of hours at the pub before I think. Then home for the game. Only way to get through it for me

Will the little car make an appearance?
  • Yes
  • No
  • not a top gear fan (but thats class)

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Had a quick scan and there are almost no good Danish bands except for Aqua, so I’ll be listening to them to get me hyped.

  • Go back to Tesco buy that tiny £4 England scarf you saw, put it on the dog
  • Leave the poor beast alone, they’re 15 years old ffs

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Got a therapy session at 6 which I’ll probably spend talking about my imaginary love affair with Luke Shaw. Oh well, its my money.


Good pop song imo


Didn’t see that on the list, chalk it down.

Steady as fuck mate.

Look at my hand mate. Steady. Fucking look at it.

Come on England