Euro 2020: match day 21 🇬🇬 🇩🇰

Probably just celebrating the ball going in I reckon


Acknowledging massive bias here obvs but I think Kane is good at winning soft free kicks when there’s contact, and I think that is pretty distinct from diving.


Kane’s a proper ‘scumbag if he’s on the opposition, clever if he’s on your team’ type of borderline cheater.

Loves doing the soft contact, fall over and pick the ball up thing, so the ref either has to give the free kick or book him for deliberate handball, and the former is always the easier thing to give.


I found it fairly absorbing, even without skin in the game, but I think that might’ve just been the occasion by osmosis - like England-Scotland. If that was Denmark playing Switzerland I likely would’ve found it pretty boring. Definitely miles off Italy-Belgium and Italy-Spain either way.

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Think this is doing a lot of lifting here. He’s a great footballer but it’s a sign of the times that people are even trying make that distinction. He dives :man_shrugging:

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yep, think it also takes a very …specific* reading of the goal to call it a dive as well. If Kjaer doesn’t put it into the net first there’s no way Sterling’s not


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I mean, there is a distinction but I take your point. As Aggers says I think it’s that thing of ‘scumbag if he’s on the opposition, clever if he’s on your team’.

Been asked to do an interview at 10am on Monday morning. Apologies to that candidate.


Isn’t that just a 2010s rephrasing of “I don’t mind so much if a player cheats as long as he’s on my team” though?

BTW I’m not saying he or England are uniquely bad at it. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a team at the tournament who aren’t at it*. But let’s call it what it is.

*Edit: apart from my brave Scottish boys (and girls in the ladies tournoi) :wink:

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Defs felt more comfortable looking/posting on this thread whereas Spain/Italy I didn’t feel like I could afford to look away

I’m a bit confused about the discussion about whether it was a penalty. I watched Kane take it and I’m pretty sure it was two penalties.


Actually thought the Kane one on about 70 minutes probably actually was a penalty. Cynically won, but enough contact there – definitely more to it than the one that was given.


Actually really enjoy heel Kane. Feels authentic

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Yep. Think on balance that was a pen and the sterling one wasn’t.

But much prefer a VAR that doesn’t overturn either of them.

As a non-affiliated watcher and one who doesn’t really get the deeper tactical side of the game, I enjoyed the match. To me it seemed it was pretty energetic all the way through, had quite a few moments of skilful play, didn’t seem to have any horrible tackles or bad feeling, had a couple of decent goals, plenty of tension. Even the fact that it didn’t go to penalties was a bit of a plus. For all the drama, those things always result in someone getting crushed at the end of these tournaments and I can’t relish that really.

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yeah it works for him. reckon england fans should’ve embraced the heel thing more this tournament (especially last 2 rounds) rather than going for the loveable underdogs narrative

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Have always hated the ‘clear and obvious’ thing. Only exists to get officials off the hook after bad decisions imo and does nothing for the good of the game.

It’s quite bizarre when you think about it, because the ref makes a call in real time and then the VAR has to first analyse the incident themselves before then judging whether it’s been ‘clearly and obviously wrong’ enough for it to then be overturned. There’s no real measure for that at all but that extra layer of interpretation muddys things a bit.

Fully believe that the ref should have been asked to have another look at that last night.