Euro 2020 - match day 5: 🇵🇹🇭🇺☠️GROUP OF DEATH EDITION☠️🇩🇪🇫🇷

The group of death. Count how many times you hear that said today. Truth is it is simply “a group with 3 highly ranked teams who will probably still all qualify for the next round”

  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Draw

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  • France
  • Germany
  • Draw

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starting to get my hopes up for a France IMPLOSION

might tweet Mbappe things Giroud has said about him to stir the pot some more


If there’s no 2pm game, why couldn’t Denmark v Finland have been played today?

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One of the group B games is tomorrow so they wouldn’t have ample resting time. It’s not very easy to move a football game due to external logistics like transport, police, fans, etc.

Really think they should have just ended it as it was 0-0

None of this is particularly important in the grand scheme of things anyway



@shrewbie Orban used to play for Videoton!!

Really conflicted about Hungary, want the underdog players to do well but there’s something really unnerving about everything going on there (don’t pretend to have studied it too much).

Also, I’m so glad someone has done this to the coke bottles:

but did it have to be him? :pensive:


Every match already has a 48 hour contingency plan in place because of Covid, it must have been either financial or just evil reasons they made them play on on saturday.

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He looks genuinely confused by them.

Guessing he has a sponsorship deal with Pepsi as well.

was about to say this but i just looked it up and i don’t think so

guess it’s consistent with him being a health freak

Clearly in the pocket of big agua



Long live the new flesh.

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Need an Athletic deep dive on Cristiano’s love of water

nice that they’re finally teaching the younger generations about the brits being at it


:de: :de: :de:


Ronaldo is Adam Sandler in The Waterboy

Wild how much of an easy ride Steve Clarke gets from Scottish pundits (or at least the one interviewing him on the BBC podcast)

I don’t think expectations are high for his lads tbh


Tierney missing was huge in terms of how Scotland are on the ball. I thought they played quite well and Vaclik had a good game, but when you compare the squads, the Czechs are a step above and it showed.