Euro 2020 - rest days 3 & 4

So all roads lead to Rome for the England football team. Count how many times you hear that said. The truth is they will simply take a plane.


44 matches done, seven left. I already feel the approach of the void


Wish I’d watched more of the group stage rip


Is there not a 3rd/4th place playoff?

Why are they making us go through 2 days without Euros football and then holding 2 quarter finals on each day? Arseholes.

Big fan of the new avatar btw

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Should England do a bit of rotating for Saturday? I think freshening things up is a good idea but don’t think Southgate will do much more than one or two changes

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Not at the Euros

Too hungover for a Wednesday. I really didn’t think we could win that last night and am over the moon we did. Incredible that we’ve never won a knockout game at the euros before other than through penalties. And had only won 8 knockout ties since 66, none of them against big teams really.

That was a huge result for England and reinforcing the idea that something is different with this group of players that we have now. And I think the best of this generation is yet to come.

Obviously giant killings have been happening all over the place, and Denmark in particular looks like a tricky fixture, but it’s hard to deny that England should make it to the final now, and our easier route makes us more or less favourites on paper.


i thought we would win and then we did win


I respect that about you


Am now 100% behind *checks notes* Ukraine in the quarter finals.


Only at the quarter finals yet only four of Europe’s premier teams are left.



They ditched it after 1980

Wow, UEFA actually do something right

He fell for it


know we’re still unlikely to get past italy and spain but the idea of a belgium - england final fills me with dread, think i’ll throw my laptop and phone in a canal if it happens

I would if i was him but there’s so much risk that i don’t think he will.

Completely fresh legs against a team that have played 120 minutes a few days before could make a huge difference and then we could be fresh for the semi too.

But if you do that and lose you’re finished. Bringing in players that have worldies when they weren’t in your thinking makes selection for the next round more difficult.

I’d bring in the chelsea fullbacks, give one of the DMs a rest for henderson and start foden and grealish.


I wonder if yesterday’s result might have been different if it wasn’t at Wembley (the original venue was Dublin) - probably not though, and Germany will be happy to try and make a fresh start under the new manager now anyway

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I’m happy

Doubt it, I reckon the locals watching would have got right behind England and it would have felt just like a match at Wembley