Euro 2020: THE FINAL - Fallout of the Not-Homecoming

Morning. Apparently there’s a football match on later 🤷

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I’ll feel bad for the good eggs on here, and in the English wing of my family, if England lose but I can’t deny that it is what I want to see happen. Media coverage the last few days has been unbearable, unavoidable and disproportionate.

Good luck Forza Italia.

What a petty and bitter man. I’m worse than that prick off come dine with me.


BBC breakfast bringing out the big guns. It’s only Danny Mills!


Whatever happens I’m buzzing as I’m back in my home town for the first time since pre-pando and get to watch it with my Dad, which is just the absolute best :tada: Trying to forget the fact I have a taxi booked at 3.45am to get me to the airport to be back for work in Glasgow tomorrow :grimacing:


I was going to mention the other day, he’s got some odd newspaper cuttings framed on his wall

Ben Chillers has never eaten a Chinese

Must be why he’s not been picked

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Booked to go my local watch the football tonight. I’m not too fussed but Mr s_w likes football & I like the pub so it’s all good.

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I don’t really go into big games/finals expecting the club/team I want to win to win, so I’m not expecting much. I think like most fans I’m naturally pessimistic.

This team doesn’t feel like that though… They’ve shown they don’t carry the baggage of previous failures and they’re all young and confident enough and are coming off the back of successful club seasons, it just feels a bit different.


PS if Kane scores and we win
World cup top scorer
Euros top scorer (joint)
Prem top scorer
Prem most assists

Ballon d’Or?


Foden’s a doubt then… surely was/hopefully is going to be a starter right?

Nah he wasn’t starting

I really thought he would, who’s playing top left then? Aaron Lennon?

Sterling like every game. Saka on the right

I want England to win just out of morbid curiosity/ something eventful happening


Got my L & R mixed up obviously :+1:. And don’t think it will be Saka personally. Sancho if not Foden.

it’s coming to rome


This is so lovely :slight_smile:

Even though he’s really annoying I’ve cherished being able to watch all of England’s games with my dad. He is my football best mate.


Foden would have definitely played.

Agree that Sancho would be a better option for this game than Saka.


Pumpkin is 3 1/2 years old today (after they reach 2 you have to celebrate the half birthdays too because you never know how long they’ve got…) and he’s going to be absolutely fuming that he won’t be lavished with attention until 10pm at earliest.

That said he’s still fully an England fan so he won’t mind being made to wait if football does indeed come home.