Euro 2020: THE FINAL - Fallout of the Not-Homecoming

Just happy we’ve made it to a final for the first time in my lifetime. Obviously at this point I don’t want us to lose the game, but I’m not going to be gutted if we do - if you’d offered me the chance of us being losing finalists a month ago I’d have bitten your hand off for it.


Runner up is just first loser.

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It is very annoying that it’s on so late.
Would have liked to have watched it in a bar with a pal or two but I’m at work for 0700 on Monday morning so no chance

Still better than sixth loser

Unfortunately not.

imo whatever happens England shouldn’t feel too bad. They are a small country with no real history of football and can go away proud


Remember watching the 96 semi final aged 11 in my school playground on a mobile TV after some school summer fair thing, and being dejected the whole car ride home.
Excited to have my 6 year old try and stay up to watch with us so he can begin his long journey of England disappointments.


I’ve been in North Wales since Thursday morning so have managed to avoid all the build up and media hype and am therefore quite pumped / nervous.

Watching it in a bar in Soho. Meaning if Eng win I’ll be dangling from a lamppost by centre point. If Italy win I’ll be on the tube before Italy have lifted the trophy.

After all the build up then disappointment all events I have watched, from Italia 90 onwards, I genuinely thought we wouldn’t win anything in my lifetime. So it would be great to be proved wrong.

The build up and tabloid hysteria really is very off-putting though. Quite happy to be at home on my own watching it. I get so stressed and pacing about chainsmoking (don’t smoke any more, but in 96 I lived in a fug of smoke) that it’s best to be alone. Won’t be so great if we do win, but that would be a nice problem to have to be honest.

It looks like ill probably have to watch it on my todd. Would have probably got the train back to England but 2nd jab is soon and dont want to risk it

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I support England now :sob:


Bit quiet in this thread this morning. Nerves kicking in?

This guy and his tiny trumpets has done me


Keep forgetting that the players haven’t been able to see their families for over a month

Clive’s claim here - how many england managers have there ever even been? Would be amazed if its more than 20.

How many of the 11 do you reckon would also claim to know Clive pretty well??

The press and team always end up pretty close at tournaments don’t they

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Last 11 england managers - Gareth, sam, Roy, schteve, capello, Sven, keegan, hoddle, venables, Taylor, robson

Suppose its plausible

6 managers before robson though (to make up the 17) must be going back pre-war

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“of all the incumbents”

So out of Gareth Southgate, he believes Gareth Southgate is the best man for the job? I’d think he was making a joke, but it’s Clive.


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