Euro 2021/Life Balance #fftsb

Posting this on social as this is where my homies mainly hang and also it’s not about football so much as, well, let me explain.

I love an international tournament. Way more than I like ordinary football. Usually during a tournament I will watch as near to every game as I possibly can, plan work and social life around it, listen to all the podcasts, post about it, read about it talk about it, etc. I find it difficult to focus on other things generally, and I neglect or drop things that are happening in my life during the month.

I’m trying to make the decision this time round that I will not do this. It feels achievable because a) I haven’t watched any pandemic football, without fans it’s felt meaningless to me and b) it’s a good warm-up for boycotting Qatar. Furthermore it feels necessary because I just can’t afford to lose a month of my life at a stage where I have lots of plates spinning professionally and personally and when there are so much more important things happening in the world.

But then I think, what is life for if not enjoying the things you love?

The idea of watching just some of the games feels like it would be worse than watching none. Like reading every 5th page of a book.

So I need to develop a strategy for achieving a healthy and fulfilling Euro 2021/Life Balance.

Does anyone else relate to this? What are your strategies or thoughts or feelings?

FYI this isn’t the “how much Euro 2021 are you going to watch” thread.

Could just watch the highlights show at 10pm or whatever?
(And no, I will be watching 90% of matches)

I’ll be watching as much as I can. I have nothing else to do and football has filled a huge void in the last year. It’s all I have in common with some friends. I’ll be watching as much as I can of the Qatar tournament as well.

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thank you for the suggestion. the highlights also make me sad that I missed the games D:

The biggest issue that I have with these tournaments is gambling on near enough every game, chasing losses with in-play bets, etc. Can get out of hand.

i’m not a football boy but i get into the World Cup and the Euros usually. i can’t really be bothered this time though, feels like a big commitment and i just want to watch other things instead of loads of football matches. it’s easier to be interested in it when you’re around people more and hearing office chat about it.

i’ll try and dip in and out a bit maybe.

I will watch the bigger games and probably sodding England, but I’m not going out of my way to catch Austria vs Finland.

If I’m in front of the tv when they’re on thought then fine

Got a week off next week with nothing planned though…

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i always enjoy the novelty when games are on at weird times of day so i’ll probably stick the afternoon games on in the background while i’m working i guess. the evening ones will be a struggle and i’ll probably ignore them.

Watch as much as possible with two caveats:

1 playing football > watching football
2 meeting friends > watching football

Already know that I’ll be missing Denmark v Finland and the second half of North Macedonia v Holland as a result.

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Missing Denmark Finland to watch Cruella at the cinema. I’ll let you know if it was worth it.

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As someone who gets obsessive about hobbies and stuff, I can sympathise with this.

Whenever there’s a big even on that I want to track, my rule with myself is that I can indulge in as much of that obsession as I like, but without compromising any of my other responsibilities. So all other hobby stuff gets binned off for a bit, and I’ll carve out time properly for the really important bits, but it can’t get in the way of the rest of my life.

I think having a strict rule works best for me because if I leave it to my own judgement I’ll end up staying up till four in the morning watching a lower league game between two South American teams that have already effectively been eliminated when I’ve got work the next day.


This is a side effect of the expanded tournament though imo

With 16 teams virtually every game from day 1 was interesting, such a lean format with no dead rubbers and formalities.

World Cup is different with its 32 teams because the exotic factor makes the games much more interesting


Realised I’ve probably confused the fuck out of everyone I work with by booking the next two weeks off


It’s quite hard to do in an age of smartphones, but have you tried avoiding the scores and watching the highlights show? On days when I’m out/not planning on watching the footy I watch Match of the Day with no knowledge and honestly find it nearly as good as watching live (and if there’s a complete dud of a game you’ve saved yourself some time)

I can sympathise with your situation though. It’s my birthday this weekend and some people are planning some really nice stuff for me, and all I can think is “euuugh, I wanna watch Denmark Finland!!!” Try not to set hard and fast rules about what you will/won’t watch and take them as they come would be my advice.

The trick is not to care about anything. Sure you’ll be a hollow husk of a man like me, but it escapes this kind of conundrum.


I’m moving out of my home office into the living room so I can have the 2pm games on the TV while I ‘work.’ I’ll be trying to get everything I need to do done before then, but it’s the busiest time of the year at work so I’ll have to miss a few games to attend meetings. Rubbish.

This tournament has come at just the right time - usually I’d skip some games to spend time with my partner but after the lockdown she’s sick of the sight of me. Non-stop football it is.

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I finish my current job on Friday and have 2 weeks of absolutely nothing. Cannot wait. Will be watching every game I feasibly can, plus the copa.

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Start work at 8am, catch up on the previous nights copa until the 2pm kick offs.

Bring it on.

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If you (or anyone) wants to talk about this, there’s a thread over in the Serious Matters section


Will have my laptop next to me whilst I work playing every 14:00 game, probably watch all the other big hitters when I can plus any spare time on top. Am packing up to move so will have games on in the background whilst I put things in boxes.