Euro 2024: Day 20 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 one for the prof & family

Don’t think we have anyone on the boards who supports the French, and that’s possibly for the best, as it is almost 100% certain that Spain will win this. They have been the most convincing team in the tournament so far, and look unbeatable.

The form guide has Spain winning 5 in a row, where France have been spluttering, with or without Mbappé. Spain are also ahead in the head-to-head, 16 wins versus 13 wins for France.

8 PM kickoff, on the BBC

  • Spain
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Never been so certain of anything in my life than Spain getting Deschampsed tonight


Please don’t be shit


Could go either way this one I reckon. France to win on Penalties is what i’m moving towards.

No idea what I think the result will be tonight or what I’d prefer. Think it’ll be a cracker though.

No, the French have rejected Le Pens


Whats the boards feelings on whether Southgate is a good manager or not?



Continuing the discussion from Euros: Day 19 :england: :switzerland: :netherlands: :tr: THE FLAG IS A BIG PLUS! HA HA HA HA HA!:

It’s from after the Senegal game at the world cup, I think

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Southgate manager chat:

  • I’d rather have my current manager at work be my manager than have Gareth Southgate for a boss
  • I’d rather have Gareth Southgate be my manager
  • I am the Gareth Southgate at work
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Can’t see any possible scenario where Spain go out.

Sareth Gouthgate

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Congratulations to both sides for making it this far


Deschamps to stodge it right up, awful game, 1-0 france 86th minute set piece or penalties win for france

Not trying to horn in on El Prof’s antibants racket but the injuries and suspensions (quick reminder of how funny it was that the referee added about 4 more minutes to the quarter final so he could send off Dani Carvajal) do seem to be piling up for Spain. Really hope they deny us the France v England misery final that we appear destined for but Old Man Navas lining up against Dembele or someone doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Yeah 2 of the back 4 being suspended is deffo a problem, both on mbappe’s side as well

If anyone’s going to give him a few good bonks on the nose it’s the Spaniards.

shit game, morata misses a million chances, france win


Everyone talks about France not scoring from open play but they’ve only conceded one goal, and that was a penalty that shouldn’t have been retaken.

As ever, they’ve been way more boring than they have any right to be but don’t think they’ve been terrible aside from their finishing. Mbappe it’s easy to imagine that switching suddenly.

Still be crap if/when they beat this Spain team, though. Zzzzz.


I’m supporting France by virtue of having them in the work sweepstake. I’d rather they go out tonight as I couldn’t stand the potential double whammy of England winning the final and losing my winnings.