Euro: Day 16 🇫🇷 🇧🇪 🇵🇹 🇸🇮 Tintin and the Black Mask

Two profoundly unappetizing fixtures, it must be said.

  • France
  • Belgium
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  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
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I think France Belgium has comedy potential.


Hopefully Ronaldo does something funny. Think that’s as much as we can hope for today.




Viva La Belgium

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lol, reading through yesterday’s thread and saw the Arsenal fan tweets about Cole Palmer.

Today’s fixtures have “watch 15 minutes and then stare into space” written all over them. Suppose it might be fun to watch Lukaku and Ronaldo both strop about teammates not pulling off impossible passes to exactly where they pointed.

On the basis that all the teams who looked shit in the groups have continued to look shit in the knockout games so far France v Belgium has the potential to ding an unprecedented amount of bum later.

Today’s second round games don’t look too promising. It’s fine though, I’ll keep drinking that garbage.


Viva Victoria


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I’m struggling a bit with this tournament now. Odd moments of entertainment since the first round of games finished, but I feel fully football fatigued now and kinda looking forward to it being over.

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Think it’s the format. 36 group games to bin off 8 teams is a slog, and there’s a lot of filth in the last 16. Waiting 3 weeks for the quarter finals before 2 decent teams play each other in a knockout game.

The two quarters on the good side of the draw should be good though

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Spain Georgia was mint, tomorrow’s games look good and as has been said the quarters on the better side of the draw look good, and the other quarter not involving England should be fun too

We’ll all be looking wistfully back at the Euros when faced with a Nauru vs. Moldova last-32 match at the World Cup.


The England quarter has Switzerland who’ve been reliably good fun all tournament, and has England losing, and has the Swiss flag which is a big plus


I’m looking forward to france belgium because I’m a real football fan

not portugal slovenia though, urgh disgusting


Still reeling from yesterday - found it tough to take anything in from long stretches of the match. Were England much better playing with 3 at the back, or were Slovakia just too tired to maintain pressure by that point?

Was battered so not sure (and I’m not rewatching to find out) but felt like we were noticeably quicker in our build up in the second half but still not particularly threatening, and Slovakia were getting deeper and deeper as the half went on because they couldn’t keep the ball. Don’t think the change of shape really impacted it other than continuing that trend.

First half was a complete shambles, second half was very similar to the group stage games

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Looking forward to watching football and not having to think about stuff for 90mins x 2

Except football, I will be thinking about thst