Euro2020 Prediction League

Hi all,

As previously mentioned Ive set up a prediction league at

You need to register then go through each Matchday at enter predictions. There’s also predictions for team score most goals etc.

Ive also created a paypal money pool at

A £5 donation can be made to the pool. At the end of the tournament the highest scoring donator will get 50% of the pool, with the other 50% donated to server costs.

Have tried to make this as admin free as possible but if you uave any questions or if there’s anything i forgotten let me know.

You can donate anonymously so if you do that pls dm your username etc.


sweet, done.

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do we have to enter them all before the tournament starts?

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‘The prediction period ends 0 minutes before the corresponding fixture.’

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Go on then

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Jimmy Floyd HasselbaINk.

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Some people who voted to in the poll for a predictor


In, thanks for organising, I guess it’s alright to pick a score or whatever category up until kick off of each time? Would make it more interesting to myself but feels a unfair if that’s competing against someone who entered all the scores on a set date.

@zorb ^^^

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I’ve joined and will donate tomorrow. Cheers for setting it up! Definitely don’t know enough about any of the teams to make any predictions yet. Pure guess work for this first round of fixtures.

Done, looking forward to this!

Do i need a paypal account to use paypal?

Yeah think so. Can DM you bank details and i can stick it in if youd rather do it that way

If you could that’d be better

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@Aggpass @Brainfreeze @aboynamedgoo @coolerthantv @doubleespresso @Octobadger @jook @p_a_u_l and whoever tom is
Dont forget to pay in if you want to be part of the ‘money’ event

No worries if not.

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Can you DM these to me too please? Can’t access my PayPal for some reason :+1:


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Sorry @Mert_Aksac

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@safebruv have just put your money, i wasnt allowed to write anything to put a username

Will do!