European Athletics Championships in Berlin


Anyone else watching?

Dina Asher-Smith about to run in the Women’s 100m final


Smashed it

Gold :medal_sports:in 10.85s

Fastest time in the world this year - destroyed the rest of the field


Will be interesting how she does at the Worlds next year


She’s great, feels weird to see an actually world class British sprinter
real shame Vicaut’s not running here


3 British lads running here in the men’s 100m


Another :medal_sports: 9.95s for Hughes
Silver for GB too



Hey, they brought Berlino back for these championships!


4x100m looks nailed on for GB


Yup, she’s awesome. Hope she’s getting mad props in the UK


The BBC are doing a good job of hyping the home lads and lasses as you’d expect


bit of an anticlimax without Vicaut, ridiculous strength in depth from the Brit lads at the moment though by European standards


Vicaut’s semi was strong. Shame he couldn’t race the final


True, but both British lads there beat his semi-final time in the final


really sad


Oh shit. This is terrible : (


Salpeter man :frowning:


Mortifying that


As horrible as that was, she’s still a pro and surely she’d know a) how many laps to run and b) that the hadn’t rung yet. Must’ve been caught up in trying to match Nassan’s pace


Argh, really feel for her!


That Swedish pole vaulter is a bit good