European Athletics Championships in Berlin


Quite like Cram
Kwakye’s great at the post race interviews, athletes actually seem to like her which is a refreshing change


Don’t mind cram when he’s commentating on non British athletes. But he’s one of the main hype pushers if he is


Duplantis did well didn’t he?

He’ll be quite good when he grows up


It’s a shame he couldn’t see how high he could jump tonight. He cleared 6.05m so easily


He was on the Swedish telly afterwards (predictably) and he seemed like it hadn’t even sunk in, probably won’t for a while. Was a perfect jump though, the pundits reckon he cleared 6.20m

The junior world record was 5.80m before Duplantis, it’s 6.05m now. Impressive stuff


He was on fire. Really wanted to see how far he could’ve gone. Shame that


Yep, but there’ll be other opportunities, he’s only 18.

I wrote something about him on here a couple of years ago now I think - his Mum is a former Swedish international high jumper & pentathlete & his dad is Greg Duplantis, the former USA pole vaulter & captain of the US track & field team at the olympics in Barcelona ‘92. Decent pedigree. Definite world beater. Probably 10 years until he peaks. Just hope he stays injury-free

Seems like a nice lad too


Wait; that Barcelona ‘92 factoid seems to not be right. He was definitely US team captain for something - World Athletics Champs 95 or something I can’t remember