European friday evening thread

Time to stop posting in the day thread. It’s evening now, what’s everyone up to?


Really want a massive bowl of pasta.

Got to relearn an old tour tonight for tomorrow and I cba beyond belief.

Was late for the school run earlier as I say I’m a bench near school listening to Gipsy Kings

Trying to get two bairns into bed on my own before football and a beer.

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Fortnite then maybe hammock

trying to find a film to watch

Had a very annoying email come through at 5:05pm which got my back up and polluted my early non-working minutes but off to the movies soon!

Also got a little piece published, which is nice.


Resident Evil

I woke up way too early and couldn’t sleep so now I’m shattered. Tempted to nap for an hour. Could do with washing my hair tonight but it’s not going to happen is it.

Hey everyone

Listening to steely Dan and drinking in my kitchen

In a bit of a funk but I’m hoping lasagna and chips for tea will fix it

might watch this

which isn’t a million miles away


Been to Vision Express and the supermarket, then had a drive up to the cliffs and looked at the sea for a bit. Last night’s dinner plans changed so this was tonight instead

Gonna watch the brave Italian lads win at football and drink some beers now.


Like was for the last line not the first!

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Hi everyone :wave:

I spent much of today working and it’s my day off. I am also working Sunday for a couple of hours so that’s annoying. I did also go to the tip and I’ve been shopping for a friend’s birthday gift AND arranged postage of it, so I’m feeling pretty productive.

I also bought some curtains for €9 each (per curtain, so €18 for the pair), a swimsuit for €7 (as there is an open-air pool in the next town that I’m going to start going to) and some cat toys for the girls.

Everyone in the supermarket was very excited stocking up on drinks and apero snacks for the football tonight. :soccer: :fr:

Duck bao buns for dinner. No plans but will probably end up watching some more Call my Agent.

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Just made a nice yellow pea sausage soup, v much comfort food. Finally watching the first of the Steve McQueen Small Axes, so far so extremely good.

Going on a walk with a good friend tomorrow, via several beer spots, can’t wait! Consequently sticking to the non-abv beers tonight to balance things out.

I liked this film (oh is this a sequel? I only saw the first)

Watched the first train to busan not long ago and loved it

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i’ve got some dried mango and all you can drink lemon waters

It’s ok. The first one was one of the best zombie films.

This one’s a bit formulaic but enjoyable mindless fun.

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