European Super League and the Death of Football Thread

Midweek with souness and everyone was agreeing with him

72,000 of them produced!

The phrase ‘it was created and subsequently disbanded in the space of two days’ still brings me a great deal of joy.


Hundred percent this narrative is being pushed hard by the epl

I agree with a lot of this but I think one thing to consider is that while their are inherent advantages for a select few built into a unfair system that has evolved over the last 30 odd years I don’t actually think these 6 clubs are immune to things like mis-management, timing, bad luck and other external factors which can contribute to a normal cycle of periods of great success followed by a down turn in fortunes. Even in this set up. Just don’t think the clubs that are successful now will automatically be so in 10 or 20 years. For instance, I can’t see how the Glazer ownership and leveraged debt can end well for Manchester United. Of course that’s all relative and the fans of clubs like Bury and Bolton (and perhaps 86 others) would have every right to think “oh fuck off”. Fans of clubs that have been successful surely realize how lucky they were to have had yer’ Wegners and Fergusons in charge or to have been bought up by an oligarch or Abu Dhabi princeling and I’d wager the majority of them would be fine with changes that made it more equitable.

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I remember feeling quite guilty at the thought of United just swooping in for other English clubs’ best players. felt like cheating. less so when they played outside of England, but still, I started really getting into football very much at the emergence of Fergie’s Fledglings and that was what I expected from United.

also, when Real Madrid came in for Becks, it gave me my first taste of being on the other side.

then Chelsea, Real coming in for CR, and City. wasn’t until City won the league that the scales truly fell.

Good article

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Thought Glendenning made a good point on Football Weekly when he said that it’s not the fault of the fans of any team that goes into administration, but they’re handed punishments. Shouldn’t be any different here.

You’re definitely right that the “don’t punish the fans” narrative is being pushed hard though, same on Match of the Day.


Apple to buy United next. Doubt he’ll end up buying it, it would need a big consortium to raise the money Stan would want.

You all thought the ESL was the impending death knell of football didn’t you? Well things can always get worse:

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Could be worse, could be sponsoring Galway


Never thought I’d end up defending the scum but honestly Ipswich got so fucked by Marcus Evans that this is actually an improvement?

It is a bit shit when to teams from the same country get to the final isn’t it. Well done to City and Chelsea for doing so though, I wish you both well

usually i’d agree with this but if those two are gonna make the final then might as well have them both in the same year and get it over with




Two positives = negative, psyche

(didn’t realise this wasn’t the football thread, sorry)


very harsh on Arsenal. what’s 5% of nothing?


Clever Arteta.