European Super League and the Death of Football Thread

The bottle of water (?) at the end of that :smiley:

We’re bloody superb lads [oops]

Wanna join our Super League?

Unbeaten at home to Super League sides this season. We’d need more of a challenge imo.


Does the 5% get donated to good causes like church fetes

This’ll sting

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Hahahaha :joy::joy:

When it all kicks off again on Thursday it’s gonna be carnage


ENIC out protests scheduled for today.

I’m torn, obviously I’d like to see billionaire owners removed permanently from football and fans demanding ownership of their clubs but I don’t think the direction of the protests are clear at all and I doubt that’s what the majority of fans are even angry about.

You have some demanding fan representation on the board or some movement towards 50+1 etc, the THST has been brilliant throughout this but there’s been just as much criticism of them as there has been support.

Loads of fans just seem to be complaining about lack of transfers and investment in the club which is a completely different point and one I don’t care about in the grand scheme.

I think there are legitimate grievances with Levy and ENIC and the super league business removed any remaining doubt that Levy actually cares about fans but I don’t see the alternative, do fans want a lovely, spurs supporting billionaire to drop in and buy Mbappe, cos that’s never going to fucking happen.


Premier League punishment announced. The “Big 6” have negotiated a combined fine of £20m. Plus £20m each and a 30pt deduction if they do it again.

I hope everyone’s taken their slap on the wrists and learned a Very Valuable Lesson. Maybe not about accountability but, y’know, stuff.

Had a quick look at the final points totals, and if that had been imposed this season, City would have finished 5th, United would have been @14th with Liverpool and Chelsea in the few spots below. Spurs and Arsenal would have stayed up by 4 and 3 points.

£3.33m each :rofl: :


Sorry, just saw the other 20 was part of the suspended sentence.