Euros: Day 17 🇷🇴 🇳🇱 🇦🇹 🇹🇷 The Day of Fun (plus Holland) (Rolling)

Working out how to get the Turkey flag is a ballache.

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Is Luke Shaw just Jay Slater’s mum ing it or is he gonna be fit for saturday

How come Spain look so much more energetic than all the other big teams, who all look spent?

  • Just a ruddy great vibe in the camp
  • At it again (:syringe::drop_of_blood:)
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La ligas a farmers league

ralf rangnick’s austria will beat hoogy’s holland in the next round, mark my words

Let’s all try not to be mean to brother hoogy today


Do those other teams look spent? I just assumed it was a combo of inability to shoot and having crappy managers (certainly the latter with France/England/Portugal). It’s like people have forgotten the rather crappy run of tournaments we had between 2010-2016

This is becoming one of the worst ever tournaments isn’t it?


Right down there with the 2010 World Cup imho.


Reckon Austria v Turkey could be quite fighty.

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It’s heading to be in the lower tier with stuff like 1990/1996/2010 certainly but the last couple of tournaments have been good so we were due a poor one

I have good memories of Euro 96 because I was 7 years old, can’t remember if any of the actual football was up much though.

The 2010 World Cup was basically this but with the constant vuvuzela noise, so probably slightly worse.


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Euro 96 had a goal average of 2.06 goals per game, the worst of any World Cup/Euros since 1980 I think - obviously it had its moments but three of the QFs had one goal between them, the Czech Republic v France semi-final was 0-0 - like 1990 it’s (understandably!) fondly remembered just because of how England did

On the verge of completely losing interest in it tbh.

It’s nearly done 7 games left after today isn’t it? Can’t give up now even though I want to.

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Thought about switching my allegiance to Holland now that Belgium are out, but I have decided not to do that.


Cucurella and Pedri have had relatively light seasons, Nico and Lamine are very young, Fabian Ruiz has been unexpectedly amazing too.

couple that with the fact that there was relatively little pressure at home on this team to do anything this year what with de La Fuente more or less being regarded as a stand-in stooge relic from the Rubiales era (he actually has a tonne of experience from this group of players from the youth sides, but most people, me included, thought he was out of his depth following the Scotland debacle) and our brightest talents being so young, the squad went in with the expectation that this would be a bridge tournament - similar to 2008.

also, there’s still the fact that Spain still produce Europe’s most technically gifted and intelligent players. chuck in a more direct style of attacking now we actually have some decent quick and powerful forwards that can actually play like that, and we’re cooking baby.

defence is pretty bad though, ngl. don’t think le normand and laporte are up to it, and I’d still have taken Pau Torres.


DACH really giving BENELUX an absolute pasting in the big trading bloc bragging rights contest this tournament. A mixed bag for CEE and a frankly pathetic showing from the Nordics

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