Euros: Day 18 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇵🇹 🇫🇷 Do It For Keir

Been genuinely looking forward to Germany Spain.

Portugal France, not so much.

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  • Spain
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really looking forward to tonights games. :slight_smile:
although feel like the spain germany game should be the final

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Ronaldo is going to do something funnier than cry while looking at himself crying on a big screen tonight. Don’t know what but it’s going to be good.

Portugal France? Decent. If only to remind me Zidane battering them those years ago.

Can’t see past Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Holland as the last four.


Big opportunity for Spain to enter the “lost to the first good team they played” club with England.

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Turkey dumping England out is the dream however.

Off to the local Portuguese restaurant to watch the France game. Got a free plate of chicken wings at half time during the 3-3 vs Spain in 2018. Hopefully the same today.


Shits himself

can’t really predict anything for the game against Germany tbh. Germany could turn up well drilled in defence, set up a low block and go on the counter, Havertz will conveniently find out how to score, and obvs they have the home advantage. they’re good at penalties too. they looked shaky defensively on the wings though, so :man_shrugging:

I think we’ll try and sit back a bit more and try to invite Germany up the pitch. seems to be the more sensible option. bin Morata, Olmo as false 9, move Rodri up a bit and have Zubimendi play DM replacing Pedri.

Something like this might work:

Really enjoying the sudden emergence of the phrase ‘low block’

oh no


For some reason thought the games were Saturday and Sunday, so swapped onto a job that finishes at 5pm today.

Gonna miss the first half of The Germans v The Spanish, which is annoying.

Do it anyway!

Spain will win 2-1 thanks to a last minute Rodri thunderbastard in extra time.


England fans - who would you rather play in the final?

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  • Germany
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Nandos shows football?

I won’t say who - it’s a trade secret!


Imagine similar scenes will be played out in the England camp.

‘One player ate 3 full mix grills with egg, gammon and pineapple! I won’t say who - it’s a trade secret!