Eurovision 2017

It is nearly upon us.

Who is your money on?

I’ll post some of this years highlights as we go. First, here is the favourite to win the contest, Italy:


Eurovision is probably my favourite night of the year, but my taste in songs never quite seems to match the popular consensus. Haven’t heard any of this year’s crop yet, except the UK entry, which is… okay? Needs a proper drop or a key change though.

I will be supporting Greece this year :classical_building:

Proper love Eurovision. That Italian one is rubbish though.

Bulgaria is my pick from the ones I’ve seen up to now. Moldova is classic Eurovision tat so I automatically love it.

I really love Eurovision. I’d be hard pressed to explain why though. Used to do that thing with mates where you review each one in only three words, with hilarity sometimes ensuing. Was always pretty good fun.

Have a feeling Italy will walk it, there are some REAL stinkers this year.

I’m going and am mildly worried about the threat of WW3 but otherwise PUMPED


Are the Aussies in it again this year?

They are, and their song is dulllllllllllllll

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Was quite enjoying both France and Spain singing in their native languages until the English choruses kicked in

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France is a good song. Spain is disgusting.


Can’t bring myself to believe Italy has a real chance, surely they get the UK effect. I mean, no one is as despised as we are, but it’s similar.

Not heard any of the songs yet, but I never hear them until the night of the show. We will be doing our usual Eurovision party with take-away and booze with score sheets for each of the acts.

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Seems a proper waste that UK didn’t use STEPS

Since their return in 2011 they’ve finished 7th, 3rd and 2nd, so the proof is there that if they send a good song they will do well.

I’m not as convinced as most that it’ll storm it this year, I have a weird feeling that Portugal could pip them. But it’ll probably win.

We all know that quality of song is completely and utterly irrelevant.

Azerbaijan sound like Zola Jesus and is my outsider bet.

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I’d disagree with that tbf. Of the winners since Lena, most have been at least good pop songs, or in one case (Loreen) literally the greatest song ever written.


I’m still in love with Aminata Savadogo

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i mean it’s good fun n all but srsly?

It’s mine too.