Eurovision 2018 💄


Only confirmed and released song so far, Albania:

What’s your rating for ALBANIA?

  • 5/5
  • 4/5
  • 3/5
  • 2/5
  • 1/5

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Big fan of this cheeky little number that might be selected for the Czech Republic:



The Czech song totally bangs and has “motherfuckers eat my spaghetti” as a lyric which automatically gives it 12 points across the board.


I am very excited about Eurovision!


Liking the Czech song. Might sing it round the office this afternoon :rofl:

They’ll send one of the boring ones won’t they

Gonna be in Lisbon for this :smiley:

:rotating_light: :portugal: :rotating_light:


Of course they will, quite fancy a holiday to Prague though.

It would be convenient if the Czech Rep could win this year. Might finally be able to attend.

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Booking tickets has been a FUCKING NIGHTMARE this year, only managed a dress rehearsal so far but they keep releasing tickets in small batches. Just sell them all in one go you twats!

Can we do a DiS vote this year like OGAE?



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Ahhh really want to go but keep missing the ticket sales!

Just go anyway. sort the flights etc whilst its cheap. theres tickets for the semis and prefinal shows for £30 plus massive fan parks for the final :smiley:

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A Romanian contender…

Just read this post from myself in last year’s thread :sunglasses:

I’m not as convinced as most that it’ll storm it this year, I have a weird feeling that Portugal could pip them. But it’ll probably win.

Potential Eesti Laul winner, and you’d think it’d do damn well at the competition proper. First one I’ve heard this year that could do it.

The UK have announced their six possibilities.

The Jaz Ellington song is truly truly horrible, Liam Tamne barely any better.

Raya’s is probably the most Eurovision but totally forgettable. And Asanda is pretty good. Thus ends my thoughts.

Anyone on twitter should check out @kitlovelace when Eurovision rolls around. He provides brilliant and bonkers analysis of it all rooted in musical theory etc.

Goldstone- have shamelessly done Little Mix, but’s fine I guess 5/10
Asanda- Not for me 4/10
Raya- Eh 6/10
Liam Tamne- awful 1/10
Jaz Ellington- guff 3/10
SuRie- couldn’t get past 30 seconds 1/10

No matter who wins we’ll be on the right side of the scoreboard and honestly why have they STILL not taken Little Boots up on her offer to do it.

Carn Australia!! I still have absolutely no idea why we are in Eurovision

go Jess!