Eurovision 2018 💄

What a prick!

That was a bit aerosmith

I don’t make the rules

Mercy, or merci? Anyway, allez

These two honestly look like they’ve had a Barney right before the show

Why are the French like this?


They’re French, they’re supposed to be moody. Hence the black outfits

i’ve never been to france, but this guy is how i imagine every single french man to be like


The TV has described the bloke as “a human stage prop”

This is proper shite

Samir Nasri

Sick of this

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What’s going on here?

That French entry sounded suspiciously like it was written by a Swede

oh shit

Oh no

I like this already

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Well it’s not going to live up to that horn intro is it…

This is possibly the worst yet.

I see Matt Damon has arrived to the party


So much rohypnal in that backpack