Eurovision 2019: ❤🧡💛💚💙💜


Running order, complete with DiS Poll ratings, with Humdingers bolded:

1. Malta (HUMDINGER)
2. Albania (BUMDINGER)
3. Czech Republic (BUMDINGER)
4. Germany (BUMDINGER)
5. Russia (BUMDINGER)
6. Denmark (BUMDINGER)
7. San Marino (HUMDINGER)
8. North Macedonia (SUMDINGER)
9. Sweden (SUMDINGER)
10. Slovenia (HUMDINGER)
11. Cyprus (HUMDINGER)
12. Netherlands (SUMDINGER)
13. Greece (SUMDINGER)
14. Israel (SUMDINGER)
15. Norway (SUMDINGER)
16. United Kingdom (BUMDINGER)
17. Iceland (HUMDINGER)
18. Estonia (BUMDINGER)
19. Belarus (SUMDINGER)
20. Azerbaijan (HUMDINGER)
21. France (BUMDINGER)
22. Italy (HUMDINGER)
23. Serbia (SUMDINGER)
24. Switzerland (SUMDINGER)
25. Australia (SUMDINGER)
26. Spain (HUMDINGER)


My recommended wee breaks (should you need them) are: Denmark, North Macedonia, Israel, Estonia.

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Any American based disers watching? I’m torn between hoping the Eurovision website will work ok and paying for a sitter and heading to a watch party. Am I right in thinking that it’ll only be shown on the website and not on the YouTube channel?

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Maaaan Poland got robbed!


OK, I think I’be seen all of them. I quite like Sweden and Italy. Most of the videos weren’t live performances though, so I’m sure on the night I’ll have a new favourite

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Yeah… I like the Italy song… but live it doesn’t really deliver for me :frowning:

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perfectly exemplifies how important it is for people to do a bit of prep before these interviews

does not come across well and maybe does more harm than good, despite coming from a good place


Yeah. That’s not a good look for Bobby


probably not gonna watch this, excited for juke though

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not a great thread on this either tbh


Sorry to lower the tone but: Hatari face filter

Edit: well that didn’t work. It’s on their FB page.

Edit 2: this wasn’t meant as a reply to you @DarwinBabe

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Is it not usually shown on the Logo network in the US? (NB I’ve no idea if Logo is a channel you have to pay for or not)


It’s normally on youtube… that’s my plan for tonight so I hope it is :confused:


Apparently not! They didn’t renew the rights. The free streams are blocked due to music rights. I guess I’ll be using a vpn then.


the Israeli far right is pretty pleased with Eurovision

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It’s incredibly upsetting to see shit like this going on. I had somewhat hoped that holding Eurovision would backfire on them and really bring Palestine to the forefront, but the opposite seems to be happening.

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How fucking DARE you talk down Estonia


I’m wondering if the BBC chose to interview the biggest bampot they could find to speak about BDS. Balance means they must cover it, but it’s handy to use an utter nob to make the cause seem fringe and/or illegitimate.

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Friends arriving in a minute, hope you all have a lovely viewing experience x


Is someone going to do a poll out of 10 for each song when they’re on