Eurovision 2021: Rotterdaaaamn

Absolute piss break right here

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I like Albania enough, and Bulgaria is good but not a patch on last year. Portugal 100% my piss break. Fucking awful. Could always rely on them for a native language entry and even that is up in smoke this year.

There are reports in Holland that the 9 events (6 rehearsals, 2 semifinals and the final) will be allowed to operate with 50% crowd capacity, i.e. 3,500 spectators per event. Every attendee will need a negative corona test in order to be allowed in.

According to one newspaper report, only Dutch nationals will be allowed to attend, due to the current travel restrictions.


Mark my words, Remco Van Der Schaaf will turn up. :sweat_smile:

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This is ace


Looking like Malta, France and Switzerland are the bookies faves? Hmm…

I would be very happy with a Malta victory, this is terrific

Its gonna be Switzerland though, innit. Unless he fucks up with the staging.

I would be v disappointed with Malta, but j’adore France and Switzerland

They’re all a bit meh to me, but my Eurovision tastes rarely seem to coincide with wider critical opinion :man_shrugging:

Confirmed that there will be an audience of 3500 people. Chuffed for the acts that they’ll get some actual applause after all the hoops they have to jump through to perform this year.


why does this work so well



Digging this. Pair of icons

Was hoping i could pick up a ticket on ticketswap as I live really close to the venue, not sure if they’re even allowing resale though

I have code to book on Saturday as I booked for 2020, for when they go on sale if you want it? You would be able to book for any of the live shows or jury shows. Tickets aren’t cheap but let me know and I can send you the link. I can’t use them obviously.

I guess the prospect of being a bikini model judge for a week was more tempting than Eurovision.

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Got a ticket for the final jury show because of this omg thanks I love you


Fantastic! Made up it went to good use.

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