:IT: Eurovision 2022: Torino 🇮🇹 THE FINAL 8PM SATURDAY

Not saying France should’ve won but it definitely shouldn’t have been so low


Gonna shout this at any all all Swiss fans I see tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m still angry about Switzerland getting through and then actually getting points. Fuck the juries.


Some of you need to chill out

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about Eurovision


Merk and roasty going straight through

Now that i’ve calmed down, some thoughts.

UK and Spain both easily the best of the night in the arena, Spain particularly was absolutely electric. Felt like roughly 90% of the crowd was Spanish.

Sam Ryder was metres away from where i was sat when he was in the green room and danced and sang to every song in the recaps, hugged Switzerland when he got 0 points in the public vote (not sure this made it to TV?) and just seems like the best egg.

Absolutely delighted Serbia pipped Italy to top 5.

Thought my phone was going to explode when all the WhatsApp messages starting coming in after i was on screen after the Sam Ryder performance.

I love Eurovision. I love Turin. Probably wont read the thread as it’ll make me cross. Xx


Wish I’d done this

Best in the hall: Italy, Spain, UK, Moldova, CZ, Serbia
I had a piss during: Germany, Estonia
Was on my phone for the whole of: Mika, Azerbaijan, Belgium
Quite enjoyed despite myself: Maneskin
Was robbed in the semis: Latvia, Ireland, Albania, Georgia
Was robbed in the final: France, CZ
Sweated so much I stank more than I have since my reading festival days: me


Wait where did Czech Republic finish in the end!? Got my highest score of the night

Like 20th or some bullshit

They finished 3rd in their semi where they performed last. Just shows the importance of the running order.

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I’m really surprised by the absolutely relentless horny comments on here about Spain and by how shocked/uneasy her outfit made some of my friends (and my mum, judging by WhatsApp). When you’ve watched 30+ seasons of Drag Race it’s just a completely normal thing for someone to wear. I really can’t get my head around it being such a big deal for people.


(I thought it was very PG as well tbf.

I voted for you x


Thank you Shrewbie

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As great as the show of solidarity for Ukraine is, I do wonder how Palestinians view this message after so many people denied them a voice and ignored their calls for support in the face of the occupation they have been living under for many decades


Not to minimise the message and how potentially powerful it is.

But it is worth remembering this whole thing isnt just a message of “peace”, it’s also a vehicle for some states to deflect and pinkwash their own crimes


Actually this doesn’t make sense does it cos then you’d have to wait ages for the votes to be counted

I got carried away with eurovision fever

hope the Advahov Brothers are okay this morning

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Guess it’s all contextual too, if it’s the wildest outfit in a safe year it’ll stand out more - if more people had been at that level doubt there’d be the same reactions (positive or negative)

But yeah seemed like a pretty standard issue sexy pop star music video get up to me