Eurovision 2023: It's Liverpool πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Rylan with Alison Hammond in the green room.

The campaign to get Rylan performing on the Eurovision stage starts here

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Weve had it before so id be surprised if we get it again. As much as it pains me to say it.

Elton John is doing three nights at the amen arena starting 31 May. That’s part of why I’m thinking it might not be Manchester. Does anyone know when the co-op arena will be finished?

They could (and imagine will have to) move some shows no matter where it ends up, although of course some of these will already have been rearranged a few times so not ideal!

my friends will go absolutely bug wild if this is in Glasgow

Co-op arena is in theory done on time, I think supposed to be open in April? But I kind of assume it would be quite silly to gamble on a venue that’s under construction

You can’t use the AO easily without shutting the station, right? That could… cause issues.

Seems like there’d be a load of activity around the venue that wouldn’t be ideal in such a busy area but I’ve no idea really.

End of next year for Co-Op

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The dream of Miles Platting holding Eurovision is dead then


City shortlist announced in half an hour.

Come on Darlington! :crossed_fingers:

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Here we go!



The South not represented, someone kick off about it. Actually neither is Wales or Northern Ireland.

Reads like an early Oasis tour.

Or just a list of the good cities and Birmingham


Oh well, no Aberdeen…

Cardiff Millennium stadium would have been a good shout but they pulled out due to being fully booked up

Bit tricky to find a venue big enough, with so many post-covid carry over events still yet to be completed that’s got enough availability at such short notice