Eurovision 2023: It's Liverpool 🇬🇧

Free tickets for members

It’s all very well to say “I’m going” but I bet chances of getting tickets are fucking miniscule


Yeah definitely. Assume the poll is an intention. Getting tickets is hell.

  • If I don’t get tickets I’ll try to stop over in the host city for the weekend anyway
  • Not this

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Would love to, but logistically it still might as well be pretty much anywhere in Europe when it comes to travel, hotels, childcare etc (unless it is just in London which makes it more feasible)

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If Lancaster hosts (and we should) then you can all stay with me, I’ll get croissants in for the hangover


the new coop arena in manchester is set to open in 2023 :exploding_head:

gonna have to go otherwise i’ll just spend the weekend being jealous of all my brit friends

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Hydro in Glasgow is free for all of May currently.

Although Rishi is not putting his hand in his pocket so that Sturgeon can hug Zelenskyy is he?

Love Eurovision but wouldn’t attend in person, would definitely feel like I was forcing myself into a space that doesn’t really belong to me.

Final tickets will surely be impossible, will focus my efforts on going to a semi final I think


Burgess Hill’s time to shine!


Got two hotel bookings in Glasgow for the two weeks it’s likely to be on. I’d really love it to be Manchester, but I reckon Glasgow would be better.


Ooh Champions League final is in June next year so could be last week of May as well

3 weeks boked then :grimacing:

I’m considering a jury semi final as it’s only €30 (well it was this year), might not get the atmosphere but it’s a hell of a lot more affordable and you still get a little bit of Eurovision magic

Is there something already happening the weekend of the 27th? Just looked up hotels for that week and the price has more than trebled :grimacing:

Not entirely sure, its a bank holiday weekend so that might mean they charge more anyway?

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I think people are cottoning on and driving prices up? The Glasgow moxy is fully booked for 15-22 May now. And I can’t really think why else a hotel would fill up for a random weekend 11 months away.

Most likely, the hardcore don’t hang about!

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