Eurovision Songs



The best, the worst, your favourites please





Reason being - I’ve been asked to perform an acoustic Eurovision set… can you think of any that would/wouldn’t work at all on an acoustic guitar?




thanks for this - will listen when I get back from work.
His jacket / shirt look cool


Anything by Johnny Logan. Probably Waterloo by Abba of course and then something ridiculous.


He also wrote the 1992 winner which I 100% genuinely love. That key change!



boom -thanks


thank you


I was trying to remember this one from a few years ago. It’s a decent song. Didn’t do anything that year though.


This one is grotesquely sexual. I think they were allowed to play it on blue Peter ffs. Amazingly shitty

Another favourite of mine. What teacher asks that??

A decent song. No idea what the fuck the dancing is

They can’t even sing the song :grinning:


I also look forward to UK getting no points at all this year :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I wonder if the bookies are taking bets on UK getting booed before they even sing a note?
No doubt the ‘zany’ hosts make multiple references to Brexit in a sly way.