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Hi all,

Selfishly starting the thread as I have a question- has anyone taught English before? I’m teaching a refugee starting from Thursday night but have zero experience and I’m nervous as hell. Want to make it a good experience for them.

What’s everyone up to tonight? I’m just off to my dads for the football.


Washing up then football.

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Made a bitchin’ veggie bolognese. Watching the news, then THE VVITCH with the filmclubbers!


fun film! seen it before?

For some reason, no! Super excited.


Round of 16 now LIVE.


I’m making bobotie (vegan’s nightmare dish). Looking forward to it but not looking forward to washing up in front of a window with no blind/curtain that’s right in the unrelenting glare of the sun atm…

Just had a really intense game of Fortnite.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for the evening.

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I have taught English before. What do you need to know?

  • Ice cream
  • No ice cream

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Evening wise - I really wanted to go on a wee bike ride before France v Germany but I’ve been waiting for a FedEx all day

Was supposed to come latest 18:00, then the update changed to ’before the end of the day’ and it’s 20:30 already and I’m pissed off waiting

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ok ignore that post, it’s this one



  1. do a complete lesson plan before, itemizing each activity, how long you want to spend on it, what it involves etc. i used to do really detailed ones for months before i got the hang of it, and i still write them down now, albeit much shorter.

  2. depending on the objective of the student, I quite like to break down classes into themes. like we’ll do grammar one class, then move onto listening, then do another on vocab and conversation.

  3. find out what the student is interested in and tailor classes around that. i’m teaching a fashion design student atm and we do a lot on the fashion industry and vocab surrounding that.

  4. even when you’re teaching adults, games are really good. i like taboo and pictionary - there’s an online version of taboo and pictionary is called ‘drawsize’. the last 5-10 minutes of my classes is usually a game.

  5. don’t worry if you don’t know something or have to think about something or even check something is right on google or whatever. i do it a lot, and students don’t give a fuck. your best value is basically being a native english speaker, and the language you impart passively.

good websites for resources and even complete lesson plans:

https://www.linguahouse.com (think this might be premium, but I have an account, so can wing you some plans if you want)
https://eslbrains.com/ (free and premium plans. again, I have an account so can give you some)
https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/ (really good for listening practice in particular)

an ice breaker/testing what their level is I do with every student is ‘two truths and one lie’ where each person writes 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves and the other has to ask questions to determine the lie. doing a simple thing like this can be fun and you’ll find out what their level is too.


@Mert_Aksac i think my pal’s gf teaches English at a community centre so if no ome on here can help i can ask.

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Also need to put washing away.

Always, always ice cream.

Right up your street I’d have thought

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I don’t even know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just… general tips? Or just brush my hair and tell me it’ll be okay

Great movie. One of the best modern horrors IMO :blush: Enjoy!

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DHL were meant to collect a parcel from me yesterday, then today and it would DEFINITELY still be delivered (to the UK) tomorrow. Absolutely no sign of them today. :angry:

You’re a beautiful man, have I ever told you that?

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