Eve me baby

Plz be doing fun things, I am too tired to even go outside in the sun

Back in the land of signal so you cant you stop me posting now.

Seeing my nephew playing with my old cars has made me a bit nostalgic.

Katsu kiev for tea.

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Addicted to Aperol sours now too


Bring us one

See you around 10

Niece read my practically a full animal joke book so does anyone want to hear some animal jokes, let me know

Absolutely knacked. Was up early for a funeral and then youngest didn’t nap so i really could use a nap but the wife is going out tonight and i tbink i might have a wee beer or two once og bairn is in bed. Sampled a tasty @Funkhouser pilsner last night, twas good.


Knackered. Mrs HYG has been away for work so I’ve been working and dealing with two kids (one of whom was home all day today). Just want to stare into space for a couple of hours.


Hope you’re alright man

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Computer games, early night

Had a lovely time with my mum, we went to a pyo farm and had a nice lunch. Thinking about a Kpop concert this weekend (festival in southwark park) but its very expensive and the headliner is a racist prick on the day i wanted, and i only care about a few of the acts


Might read a Vonnegut


Alright? Fell asleep on the couch there. Quiet one for me tonight. Think I’ll watch more of The Deuce tonight and maybe have some beer.


Hiya babeses.

Sent a grand total of two emails today, one shitty (to my psychiatrists who’d emailed me asking me pay for a follow up appointment to see how I was getting on with new medication, which I haven’t received nor had any emails about getting), one not shitty (politely asking my pea people why they’ve only sent me the sour cream and chive roasted peas and not the barbecue chickpeas I also ordered but I was nice because it’s probably a mistake). Oh and another email but that one was a bit depressing so I shan’t bore you with that. I mean the first two weren’t exactly thrilling, but.

Got a pizza in the oven. Will stare blankly at the tv for a few hours then bed I imagine.


I’m good, thanks for asking.

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Think I watched all of S1, but never quite grabbed me - despite Maggie G being excellent/a huge crush

Might try again

Running at 0% energy after a busy week and a shitty day. Did have some fancy Sainos dawgs for tea though and got some cider. Will probably continue my recent habit of watching an old Wrestlemania for some reason then fall asleep. Hot again innit.


Evening :wave:

Here safely. Having a quick post-dinner pint at the pub next door while the cheeksters watch the fish.

  • Chow mein (duck or char siu)
  • shredded chicken with chilli sauce

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Finished a job and sent an invoice which will hopefully mean I can afford to take a reasonable paternity leave. Still got quite a lot to finish on other jobs asap but that feels like a big thing off the list/step towards winding down.

Knackering week, currently drinking beer and listening to Tears for Fears (haven’t looked in the HGATR so not sure if they’re getting a bashing or not but I love them).