Eve of Mon

I just remembered this

How’s your evening looking?


I’d successfully unremembered that until I opened this thread. Thanks.

Hope everyone’s ok. I’m off tomorrow, not sure what’s for tea, secretly hoping for pizza, but probably not. Drinking a sneaky beer and then doing bedtime with kiddo. used my new razor and kit earlier. Slightly disappointed tbf. More experimentation required.

Was going to try a new Chinese place but the vegetarian dumplings (I’m a vegetarian now) were “egg and marrow” so… nah

been proper dull on here today innit.



Going to aldi

A new aldi

Gonna try and go to all the aldis in the proximity


evening all :wave:

reasonably productive day today, did some exercise, did some tidying up, did some admin, watched some crap TV. good use of a day off work imo

this evening I will be eating a pizza and playing some games. works for me.

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I had a stupidly busy week ahead mostly because I had to learn a 200 slide presentation but I’ve now heard it’s been postponed. Hurrah!

Going to get outside, if it can bloody stay dry for five bloody minutes. Beans on toast then Holy Goalie Film Club

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Making tea then dunno :man_shrugging:

People who care about shoes - got 3 pairs of sandals delivered today, only going to keep 2, help me decide

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Mid-season slump I reckon. sean’s going to introduce a Poochy type soon to shake things up.


Pooch He.


Watching Bowie at Glas2000 and it’s pretty dogshit and I say this as a massive Bowie fan


Watched about half of it last night. Was pretty terrible.

I’ve been hearing about throughout the day, and it must be kinda weird cause that would have been before that last wind of “legend” status, wouldn’t it have been?

man that is gonna take you all day

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Shut up japes

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You need to get yourself involved in some SNaToCtCetc

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4/4 for me so far

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i don’t do drugs, mate.