Eve of Thurs (08/10/18)

Hello all.

Did OK in my mock so taking the night off studying.

Going to assemble the rest of my chairs and put the remaining bolts on the table.

Having another easy tea (vivera goujons and mushy peas), was going to make Thai curry but got too hungry.

Probably watching some making a murdered later and drink a single beer.

What are YOU going to do with yourself?

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Got carried away with the 8s



:man_cook::woman_cook: Masterchef

Actually, I can’t remember what I was doing a month ago.

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I’m reading this and heading to a gig at half-eight. Watching the Chelsea match too.


Hello friends. Nothing much to report, waiting for the missus to get back from parliament and then I’m gonna make puttanesca (for the FAO of @Witches) and catch up on The Apprentice from last night.

Ok day until R went into overtired monster mode and totally sent me into an input overload. Asleep now so it has passed, but when I have been getting this kind of overwhelmed recently it makes me loose my appetite so no dinner so me. Might have a hot chocolate, might be able to stomach drinking something but the idea of anything solid is not pleasant right now.

I have enough time to watch a film tonight, but not enough tablet charge :upside_down_face:

The apprentice was very fun last night.

Have not ventured in the thread yet and have avoided who got the ol’ heave ho.

Also congrats on the mock chief, glad all went well. Must’ve worked hard if you can’t even remember what month it is :wink:

Also I went to watch Nae Pasaran.

The people on here who were chatting about what’s the point in a Union should go watch that.

Also, worth a watch if you’re feeling like one person can’t make a difference. Had a little tear at one point and that’s not like me.


The worst thing about this is, I get these train tickets called flexi passes when I go to Edinburgh, where you have to write the date on them for them to be valid, so I have already written the date out twice (correctly) today.

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Flip, that is right up my street. Going to sing the Fucked Up song with that as a lyric now.

8 hour journey done. Had a glass of wine to de-stress then knocked back another. Bit drunk.


Where you been/gone?

That’s the first Fucked Up song I’ve heard… Don’t think they are for me. Enjoyed the speech at the start.

Hiya. Making chilli con carne. The recipe said to simmer for AN HOUR :roll_eyes:

Smells amazing tho

After that some :tv:, maybe a :beers:

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Look what I got today!


Im trying to use one cooking receptacle for all my meals at the moment. It’s enjoyable to not have to use multiple pots. Oh I think people call them One Pots. Stuff I can put in the oven and leave and then open the oven an hour later and it’s done.

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Hahaha! That’s their first ever release, so a bit more hardcore than they are now. Check out the new album I’d say, much different.

The speech is from a film about the Spanish Civil War
I think it’s paraphrasing a speech from La Pasionaria.