Eve of Thurs (08/10/18)


think we need to see @profk in a gown and mortar board by way of proof!


Can somebody Photoshop short dressing gown man with profk’s head and a mortarboard pls.


where’s @japes when you need him, eh?


Holy shit, there’s a crazy wildfire in northern California and another big shooting in America. My Twitter timeline is pretty grim right now :frowning:


Another one? Or do you mean the one in California?


The one at Thousand Oaks. Sorry I can’t keep track of the various timezones so it may be old news elsewhere :frowning:


Yeah that’s the one I meant. Glad there wasn’t another one!


Imagine how different the boards would be if we all thought you were a @profk alt account.


Someone’s lying to you Kermy, lying to you bad.