Eve of Thurs

Yeah that’s right, evening thread at 5pm

Feeding an ATD cat whilst watching Frasier, got a really nice Indian style potato salad for dinner and banana bread coming out of my ears.

What you doing?

think Mike is out riding bikes, i cba so have the flat to myself :crazy_face:

Finish work
Last night’s apprentice

An old work pal runs some music thing and it seems like there’s always people I know there so I’m going to go without even checking to see.

It’s so exciting have the place to yourself when you live with someone. Same sort of excitement I’ve got whilst feeding the cat and watching TV in someone else’s flat.


Run home or get home then run?


gonna queue up the latest cloud nowts and pick something to read. and eat peanut butter noodles, cos he HATES peanut butter

Last night at Snail Mail there was a guy with no shoes wearing a dressing gown. Maybe you’ll meet a great new pal like him.


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That would be cool. I’ve a surpus of shoes and not enough dressing gowns

Just when I think he couldn’t disappoint me more


Always wanted to do something like this
Instead of avoiding all the places where people i know are

Hotel bound, afternoon was full on but a minor success. Woot.

Shower, get changed and wander out for an hour or two.


Trying to sleep after some intense mahjong. Off to Hong Kong in the morning. Anyone got any tips for things to do? I’m there for a few days.

I’ve had a helluva day in work so giving strong consideration to the pub


I’ve just ordered a load of Korean fried chicken

Watching making a Murderer s2

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never heard it c…


Hi all!

  • I’m about to look in the fridge and cupboards to see of I van pull off a decent dinner without needing a shop
  • Bit worried I might be developing tendonitis in my right forearm which I really don’t have time for. Tips to make it better/stop it from getting worde very welcome

Still another 3.5hrs at work. I’ve done nothing today apart from work out if I can afford a 4.5k paycut for a possible dream job. I think I can, but it’s gonna be tough. Will probably write a CV up whilst I’m here. Just realised I’ve never written one, so that’ll be fun

I’m carrot and sweet potato soup when I get in. Yum


Had a massive lunch and am still quite full, so of course this is the day my mum decides she is going to bring home Chinese for dinner. So much for eating sensibly.

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