Eve of Thurs

Pub (who are playing bjork!) then viet shack for tea



give yr man @keith a shout, pretty sure he mentioned having a load of good CV templates & tips


He’s already sent me his templates, and they are what I shall be using. Love you @keith


what a boy!




Gonna be a late one, only halfway through one document I’m working on and got another (harder) one to get through before I can go to bed. TV’s bringing me sushi for dinner and hopefully some snacks and fizzy pop.

I’m going to be working until late on insanely dull writing work - solidarity

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Just been pottering round tkmaxx. Looking for a dustpan and brush, none meet my standards.

Got m&s curry for tea. Have a craft lager in so will drink that.

Need to pop the shops for some bread.

Then may restart making a moiderer

I’m just finishing work for the weekend. Home in 30 minutes, then the pub for dinner and drinks and then the local theatre to see “The Father”.

  • las ketchup
  • macarena

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feeling pretty down in the dumps :frowning:

Ridiculously busy day at work. Now on the ridiculously busy train home. Plans for tonight? N/A

Good eventide. Had an away day thing with work today where my only input was ‘office dog’ and I think it’s seriously being considered.


Hey up.

Should be going to yoga but got a massive case of the CBA.
Shall I go?

  • Yes, go unite mind and body
  • Nah, have a week off and maybe treat yo’self to a nap with some tea and a curly wurly.

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That’s exciting! Give me a shout if you need any help with the CV / application.

I have a beer in my hand :+1:


The TV is still away so I’m going to watch loads of crap on Hayu.

Go for it, pal! No decision to be made until they offer it to you. Good luck! What’s the job, if you can say?

I imagine he’s going to ride/read about bikes, eat bangers and mash and drink sludge beer for a living, the bastard.